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Rosemary Conley writes October edition

Make healthy habits.

Try adopting Rosemary’s healthy habits and you’ll move more and eat better without even noticing!

We all want to stay in shape as easily as possible. We hate the words diet and exercise as they sound hard work so here are 20 little things you can do that will make a big difference. Develop them as habits and you won’t even know you are doing them!

  1. HOLD YOUR STOMACH IN! Get into the habit of holding in your tum, drawing your shoulders back and standing tall. You will immediately look half a stone lighter but you will be working your important core muscles which will really help to reshape your figure and make you look years younger.
  2. HAVE A LONG DRINK BEFORE YOU EAT. Having a drink puts fluid in your stomach and helps you to feel fuller quicker. It is a great way to cut back on your portion sizes.
  3. GIVE YOURSELF ONE SPOON LESS. When you are serving up your main meal just give yourself one spoonful less of rice/pasta/potatoes and one spoon less of the casseroles/chilli/Bolognese. It will make a real difference to your weight and soon you will get used to eating a little less.
  4. SERVE YOUR WINE IN A SMALLER GLASS Now, I know you are going to be shocked by what I tell you but here goes! I realised that I was drinking my first glass of wine quite quickly – and it was a large wine glass. Surprised at myself for managing to drink half a bottle without any difficulty I decided to switch to a smaller glass to slow me up a bit. It really works and I have definitely cut down as a result. I now drink two small glasses rather than two large ones. It really works.
  5. HAVE AN ALCOHOL HOLIDAY FOR TWO DAYS A WEEK : The habit of drinking alcohol can creep up on you and too much alcohol really is not good for us. Choose a couple of nights a week when you can give the booze a break and allow your body to recover. It is good to save on the calories as well. My dry days are Sunday and Monday and once I made that decision it was easy make it into a habit.
  6. SKIP THE BUTTER OR THE SPREAD ON YOUR BREAD: This is another habit that can be broken. I never put butter or a spread onto bread when I am making sandwiches. I just use very low fat mayonnaise or salad cream straight onto the bread, or I use Horseradish sauce or a low fat ketchup such as tomato or HP.
  7. GRILL OR DRY-FRY YOUR MEAT: By all means use a low fat spray like FryLight but avoid adding oil, lard or butter to your cooking and you will save yourself hundreds of unnecessary calories.
  8. SAY NO TO NIBBLING: Snacking between meals is a sure way to pile on the pounds. Eat well at breakfast, lunch and dinner and just have a small piece of fruit mid morning or mid-afternoon and then call it a day. Next to alcohol, I would put snacking between meals on chocolate, crisps and biscuits as the biggest reason folk gain weight.
  9. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO EAT EVERYTHING THAT IS ON YOUR PLATE! It’s not the 1940’s and there’s not rationing. We do not HAVE to leave a clean plate. Stop eating when you have had enough and try to develop the habit of knowing when you have. It is a good feeling.

To read more of Rosemary's Healthy habits see our latest magazine.

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