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Joanna Beardsmore-Dilks, age 38
Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Club Aylesbury & District.

Why this?

I was working in the catering industry whilst trying to plan my forthcoming wedding, with very little time to focus on my health or the wedding itself. I bought a copy of the Rosemary Conley magazine the day I ordered my wedding dress in a size 16 to see if I could slim down for the big day. I was inspired by the spotlight feature on my local franchisee Adele Howlett. Working with the diet I dropped two dress sizes for our wedding day, which inspired me try and help others to do the same.

What training did you do?

I did all of my training at Quorn House with a great group of girls. It was exciting, and we had lots of fun. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard work to balance with a full time job, but the support team were amazing!

What do you enjoy most?

I love the variety, my first love is to dance, so to exercise with groups of great people every day, whilst doing something I really enjoy is wonderful...and the class buzz when teaching Kardy-O-Interval sessions is somewhat addictive!

Memorable successes?

There are so many great memories it is hard to pick just one, seeing members lose life changing amounts of weight is phenomenal. Not just the big numbers, but sometimes the small losses that bring about a huge increase in people’s self confidence and zest for life.

Locally, so many of my members join me each year for the Florence Nightingale Midnight Walk, supporting me with the warm up and reflecting the team spirit and family feel of the club.

Your personal highs?

Watching my members take over the dance floor at every social gathering we attend with their renditions of “Evacuate the Dance Floor” and “Jai Ho” is a joy to behold. For me most recently passing my Fitsteps instructors course...I wonder if they can do it with the waltz and the quickstep too?!

Any downside?

The paperwork and the tax man.

Plans for the future?

Did I mention I just passed my Fitsteps training course? Introducing lots of variety and fun to my classes, continuing to help members and teaching for as long as physically possible…I have visions of being a crazy “yoga” lady at 92!

Do you have any advice for potential franchisees?

Enjoy what you do and remember to take some of your own advice (especially the stuff about relaxing every now and then)...the support of friends and family is so important too.

Jo’s favourite things:

Music to workout to:

I love to mix it up, from P!nk to Fosse, I do like to be able to include some ‘jazz hands’ in my classes!

Exercise gadget:

Tennis balls are my current favourite, but balloons are great fun too!

Thing to do in class:

After members have been practising a routine to normal aerobics-style music I like to show them how it all fits together to a ‘performance track’

Favourite food:

My husband’s take on Rosemary’s Spaghetti Bolognese...I have it at least once a week!

Thing to do after class:

Chilling and catching up with Simon, maybe the odd glass of wine on a Thursday night too.

Three words to describe my class:

Fun, friendly and frenetic.

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