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Boost your energy and lose weight the simple way with ilumi, the delicious new range of prepared meals

Feel slimmer and healthier in just seven days!

Choose your food online...

  • For everyone – NO contract, NO tie-in
  • Great choice – Choose from our extensive food range
  • Flexible ordering – Create your own food boxes. Order online or by phone

Have it delivered
direct to your door...

  • FREE delivery – with all orders of ilumi
  • Convenient – Delivered to your work or home address
  • Easy storage – No need to store in the fridge or freezer

Delicious, portion-controlled meals in minutes!

  • Healthier foods fast – all portion-controlled meals and naturally gluten- and junk-free
  • A huge choice for you to tailor your menu – Over thirty authentic dishes and cuisines from around the world 
  • Simple – Just add your own fresh fruit and vegetables

Supporting you along your journey

That's why we use leading chefs from around the world and are constantly launching new products and recipe ideas (such as our 2014 Summer Eating Inspiration recipe book). Get in touch if you'd like to find out more.

Please note that the ilumi food range does not currently feature in any of the Rosemary Conley Online diet plans.
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