Curry-tastic soups and ready meals added to Rosemary Conley’s Solo Slim® range of low-fat food

If you have a craving for curry in a hurry but don’t want to pile on the pounds, then the latest additions to Rosemary Conley’s Solo Slim® range are perfect for you.

The spicy new additions to the great-tasting soups and ready meals, which are all portion and calorie-controlled and 5% fat or less, include three new flavours of soups: Curried Vegetable Broth, Mulligatawny Soup and Spicy Tomato & Red Pepper and three mouth-watering main meals including: Chicken Jalfrezi, Fruity Chicken Curry and Malay Beef Curry.

The addition of the six new sensational flavours brings the number of soups in Rosemary Conley’s Solo Slim® to 14 delicious varieties whilst the number of ready meals now includes 21 tantalisingly tasty dishes to choose from. And, as the soups and meals are delivered direct to your door, losing weight has been made easier than ever before.

Says Rosemary Conley: “You can enjoy all the delicious aromatic flavours and authentic taste of traditional dishes for just a fraction of the calories and fat. Now you can indulge in your favourite curries and still lose weight. And, as all of the meals and soups in my Solo Slim range of food are on the table in minutes, they’re even more convenient than a takeaway!

”The soups and ready meals are made from 100% natural ingredients, and can be enjoyed when following my latest F.A.B Diet, or as part of a tasty and balanced healthy eating plan.”

The Solo Slim range of soups and meals are quick and easy to prepare and can be heated in the microwave or a saucepan. As the foods are stored at room temperature, there is no need for refrigeration. And, as they have a long shelf life, they make the ideal store cupboard food.

Also included in Rosemary Conley’s Solo Slim® range is Low-Fat (5% fat) Mature Cheese, three varieties of Nutrition Bars, Hot Chocolate Drink and six versatile cooking sauces.

Rosemary Conley’s Solo Slim® range is available from our online shop here or call 0870 050 7727. The cost of a 7-day Food Box, which includes a choice of 7 soups, 7 ready meals, one box of Nutrition Bars and one box of Hot Chocolate, or two boxes of either, is £39.99 plus p&p. Other Food Boxes include a 28-Day Box, a 7 or 28-Day Work & Life Balance Box, which includes cooking sauces, and Soups or Ready Meals-only boxes.

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