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Obtain a firmer face by using the unique Facial Flex Ultra

Click to buy facial flexFacial Flex Ultra is a workout product aimed at exercising the muscles in the face and which helps to combat the signs of ageing.

Facial FlexFacial-Flex® is a clinically proven, simple, cost effective, beauty solution, which when used regularly tones and strengthens 30 key muscle groups in the face, neck and chin. It also improves circulation. Facial-Flex® is a highly effective training device which is placed between the corners of the mouth and is held together by elastic bands in the middle, which allow the product to work on the principle of weight resistance.

When used regularly, two minutes of repetitive exercises against a progressive resistance, twice a day, it provides excellent results by re-educating the facial muscles.

Facial-Flex® is excellent value compared to other anti-aging solutions. It is cheaper than a face lift or botox. It is a totally natural and pain free product which is often referred to as the “non-surgical face lift”.

Facial-Flex® was originally created as a prosthetic training aid to help patients with facial burns to soften scar tissue. After repeated use by medics on patients it was apparent that the muscle tone of the face improved. A clinical trial concluded, after 8 weeks, that muscle strength increased by 250%, tone and elasticity increased by 32.5% and blood circulation by 10%. Facial-Flex® was subsequently developed as an aid for speech therapy and patients with swallowing disorders or who had suffered from mild strokes. Facial-Flex® has been subjected to numerous clinical trials by various sectors of the medical profession world wide.

Leading diet and fitness expert Rosemary Conley’s unrivalled success is down to the fact that she incorporates a healthy diet and exercise into her lifestyle and that also includes exercising the face. Rosemary became a fan of Facial-Flex® after discovering the product in America and admits it is the secret weapon to her youthful looks. Rosemary says “I have been using Facial-Flex® for the last couple of years for just a few minutes a day and there is no question that it has made a real difference to the strengthening of my facial muscles which definitely helps in the fight against aging. I cannot think of any other way that you can prevent a sagging jaw-line so I think it is brilliant.”

Facial-Flex® is already a highly successful cosmetic device in America and Europe and is now set to take the UK by storm.

If you wish to order the Facial-Flex, you can do so by clicking here to visit our shop.

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