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Rosemary Conley launches brand new magazine

Rosemary Conley’s A to Z of Fat and Calories, which is now on sale, is the must-have calorie guide for everyone trying to lose weight or maintain their weight as it gives the calorie content of over 17,000 food and drinks.

Trying to eat low calorie and low fat can be a minefield when you're out and about, but Rosemary Conley's A to Z of Fat and Calories takes the hard work out of calorie counting. This handy, handbag size book shows at a glance which products dieters should go for and which ones to avoid, making food shopping and eating out stress free!

The magazine is bursting with top tips from Rosemary and in addition to the calorie guide there are diet plans for those who want to lose weight and need a motivating kick-start. Turn to page 65 for details of Rosemary’s exclusive Solo Slim® diet which enables dieters to lose 7lbs in just two weeks.

“This book will become your new best friend and provide the key to your weight loss success. Refer to Rosemary Conley's A to Z of Fat and  Calories to help you choose meals that fit within your recommended calorie count. If you want to lose weight and inches faster I recommend that for the first two weeks you stick to around 1200 calories of low-fat food, so go for foods under 5% fat per 100g. By simply combining a low-cal, low-fat diet with regular exercise you will look and feel fantastic.” says Rosemary

This is the second glossy to be published by Rosemary and follows on from the hugely successful Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness magazine which sells around 1 million copies per year.

Rosemary Conley’s A to Z of Fat and Calories is available in WH Smith, Independent stores and through Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Clubs. (RRP £2.50).

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