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Get amazing A-list arms with Rosemary's toning workout!

New videos from Dr Hilary Jones and Professor Raj Persaud, class member Carol Towers meets Rosemary and if you want to wear that little black dress for the Christmas party season Rosemary shows you how to get A-list arms! Chef Dean also has some fabulous fish recipes and great ideas for trying new seafood dishes. Find these videos and many, many more on

  • If you're worried about showing off your arms in strappy dresses then give this free muscle shaping workout video with Rosemary Conley a try. The dreaded saggy underarm is the bête noir of many women but with the right exercise you can build muscle and create a strong toned look. Do them as often as you can to achieve the best results. Go to to find your nearest class.
    Click here to view the A-list Arm Workout with Rosemary Conley video


  • Buckwheat Blinis with Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs. There is nothing quite so delicious as a lazy Sunday with something extra special for breakfast. These homemade blinis (fluffy yeast pancakes) are easy to make, and so much nicer than shop bought. Served here with smoked salmon and scrambled egg for delicious and decadent filling brunch. 74 calories each and 4.6% fat per serving
    Click here to view the Buckwheat Blinis with Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs video
  • Salmon and Sweet Potato Fishcakes. A substantial chunky salmon fish cake topped with a mild Thai curry sauce. Using sweet potato keeps the Gi rating low and adds a lovely flavour while the poached salmon is full of omega 3 goodness. The polenta flour keeps everything gluten free and makes a great crispy dry fry coating. 311 calories per fishcake.
    Click here to view the Salmon and Sweet Potato Fishcakes video
  • Salmon Fish Fingers. This really easy recipe for salmon fish fingers is slightly posher than anything you'd buy from Captain Birdseye and you've got the peace of mind of knowing exactly what's in them. Using polenta instead of bread crumbs keeps the whole thing gluten free and the kids will never know this is health food. 235 calories and 7.6% fat.
    Click here to view the Salmon Fish Fingers video
  • Ideas for non Fishy Fish - Dear Dean... Dear Dean, I don't really like fish apart from tinned tuna, salmon and fish fingers! Have you got any interesting fish dishes that are not too overpowering that would introduce me into eating a wider variety of seafood? Chef Dean Simpole-Clarke cooks up pancetta wrapped scallops and some seared tuna steaks to try and tempt Rosemary Conley class member Mo Jenkins from Wokingham.
    Click here to view the Ideas for non Fishy Fish - Dear Dean video

Other featured videos on

  • Dr Hilary on... Very Low Calorie Diets Dr Hilary is in the studio with Rosemary to answer a question from Faye from the Rosemary Conley TV forum. She asks about very low calorie diets and how long can stay on a very restricted diet before potentially causing harm to your body?
    Click here to view the Dr Hilary on... Very Low Calorie Diets video
  • Prof Raj on... Progress I recently started a Rosemary Conley diet and was overjoyed to lose 15lbs in the first month! I've now lost 40lbs in total but still have 75 to go. I'm losing at a rate of around 1 1/2 lbs a week. Is that too slow? Rosemary Conley puts a viewers question to Prof Raj Persaud and they discuss which is the best way to measure progress when trying to lose weight. They also come up with some top tips that might help to keep you on the straight and narrow when the willpower starts to wane.
    Click here to view the Prof Raj on... Progress video
  • Carol Towers asks Rosemary... Carol Towers who has lost 2 1/2 stone at Sandra Todd's classes in Stourport asks Rosemary her questions. Can someone in their sixties benefit from using Facial Flex? Should I still keep writing down what I eat even during maintenance? And how important are power snacks?
    Click here to view the Carol Towers asks Rosemary... video
  • Keep It Off - Rosemary's Question Time I've lost 6 stone (yeah!) But what do I do now? How do I keep the weight off forever? If you have any questions for any of our experts please e-mail
    Click here to view the Keep It Off - Rosemary's Question Time video
  • News 18th November 2013. This weeks news from Rosemary features new health tips from Dr Hilary Jones and Professor Raj Persaud, Rosemary's A-list arms workout, sensational seasonal low fat recipes, class member Carol Towers asking Rosemary her questions on the studio sofa and 'How do I keep it off' - Rosemary answers a viewers question on how to keep on track after losing six stone!Find these videos and many, many more on
    Click here to view the News 18th November 2013 video
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