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Rosemary Conley writes July/ August edition

Stay slim this summer

If you’ve lost weight for a summer holiday you could undo all your good work whilst soaking up the rays! Follow Rosemary’s tips to avoid another battle with the bulge...

Getting trim for our summer holiday gives us a perfect goal and helps us to focus on losing weight and toning up. However, what we do on holiday could undo all that good work.

Here are my top ten tips to hold on to that new, trimmer you!

  1. Beware all-inclusive holidays!
    Just because all the food and drink is included ‘free’ it should not give you the license to eat for Britain. See it for what it really is – the opportunity to try an unusual cocktail, taste exotic seafood and dip into delectable desserts. Notice my words ‘try’, ‘taste’ and ‘dip’. By all means have some treats and enjoy them, but if you consume them to excess, you will regain all your lost weight.
  2. Get active!
    By walking along the beach every day, even going for a run, is great exercise. Try playing volleyball or football on the beach and have some fun. Go swimming in the pool every day – and really swim, don’t just stay by the edge! If you like gyms, and there’s one in the resort, use it. If you are in the UK, there may be one of our classes near where you are staying. You can go along to any Rosemary Conley Club class. Just take your membership card and you will be very warmly welcomed and you will only have to pay the class fee.
  3. Hire a bike.
    Lots of resorts offer bicycle hire. It is a good way to travel around the locality. Cycling is a great calorie burner and will help burn off those extra drinks and desserts!
  4. Aim to maintain your weight.
    No-one is expected to lose weight on holiday but if you can maintain the lower weight you strived so hard to achieve, then that is fantastic. A combination of not over-eating or over-drinking coupled with plenty of activity can leave you pleasantly surprised.
  5. Breakfast banquet.
    When we are away the selection on offer at breakfast can be very tempting. But rather than going for the bacon, sausage, black pudding and fried bread why not try the wonderful exotic fruits that are on offer. Have a small glass of juice as it does contain quite a lot of calories, and try some of the native breads (no butter) with perhaps some lean ham or a local hen’s egg.
  6. Lunch could be light.
    Salad, fruit, seafood and oil-free dressing is the best route to follow here. If you fancy something cooked, go for the locally caught fish and ask for it to be cooked without fat and served with salad without oil. Ask for some soy sauce or balsamic vinegar to use as a dressing. Keep it light so you can eat more at night.
  7. Dinner to die for!
    This is going to be your main meal of the day as dining in the evening on holiday is a special occasion. You will no doubt get dressed up – perhaps in your new, smaller sized, dresses that you bought specially for the holiday? This is the opportunity to have quality time with your other-half, with friends or family. So, let’s make your dinner into a banquet. The key here is careful choices from the menu and small portion sizes. Do that and you can have three courses and thoroughly enjoy them. After all, you are on holiday and someone else is cooking!
  8. Alcohol in moderation.
    Having a drink is part of the holiday for most people. And that’s absolutely fine. Just don’t go mad! Simple tricks such as not drinking alcohol during the day or drinking a glass of sparkling water between each glass of wine at dinner will really help. This will keep you hydrated and space out your alcohol consumption. Often we just want to pick up a glass and have a sip as we chat. After all, dining on holiday takes significantly longer than eating at home. And while we are on the subject of drinks, check out our sliding scale of bottled drinks to make sure the ones you choose are low in calories.
  9. Avoid between meal snacking.
    An ice cream here, an iced lolly there, can feed you a lot of calories and they all mount up. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have an ice cream treat occasionally but have it as part of your lunch and cut back on other foods accordingly.
  10. Have a fabulous time!
    The main thing is that you relax and enjoy your holiday. If you do gain a few pounds don’t get in a state about it. Often a lot of the weight is due to extra fluid being retained around the body because we have eaten more high-fat food. As soon as you get home, put yourself back on your healthy eating plan for a few days and those extra pounds will disappear. Don’t get on the scales at home. It can be depressing. Eat healthily for a week and then weigh yourself, unless you go to a class in which case being weighed is useful. Having faced the music, and received encouraging advice from your instructor, or congratulations because you have stayed the same or only put on a pound, will help you get back on track.


This article appears in the July/August issue of Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness magazine, on sale now. Click here to find out more.

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