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Rosemary Conley writes May edition

Love losing weight!

Rosemary reveals her top tips for staying motivated on your weight-loss journey and how to enjoy the transformation along the way

When we are trying to lose weight it is very easy to become fixated on our ultimate goal, but it is the journey that gives us the greatest thrill. Follow my advice and learn to enjoy every day as you progress towards a new you!

It’s 2012 Games year and athletes from around the globe will be solely focused on winning Gold. But what are they aiming for after the 2012 Games? It must be really hard to get motivated again once you have achieved your dream. Finding the motivation to get up early for training must be painfully tough. And what are you training for? But losing weight and achieving your dream body is much better than that!

With every day that you eat more nourishing food and become more active, you are becoming a healthier, trimmer and fitter person. It is totally life enhancing and life changing. Even after the first week as a member of our classes or RC Online, or dieting on your own, you will see and feel a difference. Your clothes become looser, you don’t feel so tired, you sleep better, your mood is lifted.... and that’s after just one week!

Look at our Slimmers of the Year. How do they find the willpower to lose half their body weight? Because they feel better with every pound, inch or centimetre they lose!

Being overweight is rather like suffering with an illness. As soon as you start losing the weight, the symptoms recede. Your joints don’t ache so much, you’re not so out of breath, your heartburn has disappeared and you find climbing the stairs so much easier.

Honestly, these benefits can be enjoyed within a week or two of following a healthy weight-loss eating plan and increasing your activity levels.

  • Think about your progress one week at a time. Use your Magic Measure to monitor your inch losses. Weigh yourself just once a week rather than daily for a more accurate gauge of your weight loss. Find an old skirt or pair of trousers that you were bursting out of at your heaviest and try them on every week. Appreciate how much looser they are every single week.
  • Place the equivalent weight of that which you lose each week in a bag using packets of lentils or rice to represent the weight you have lost. Lift the bag each week to realise how far you have come since Day 1.
  • Write down in a diary at the end of each week all the positives you feel from losing weight. Keep reading them to remind yourself of the enormous benefits you are enjoying.
  • Start to reprogramme your brain so that is doesn’t yearn chocolate, cakes, biscuits, crisps, excess alcohol. Surely, they are worth trading in for the enormous benefits you are enjoying already?
  • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables because they are low in calories and fat, fill you up and keep you healthy. Make sure you have enough milk or yogurt to keep your bones strong.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation – I don’t drink more than 1 – 2 glasses of white wine at a time.
  • Avoid any visible fat as it contains twice as many calories as carbs and protein and doesn’t fill you up. We get enough fat in a normal diet as it is already in a variety of foods without needing to add more. Anyway, fat just makes you fat.

When I was on Dancing on Ice I was often asked by the other celebs and the skating professionals if I ever ate chocolate or junk food? “Only occasionally” came my reply, “I’ve been fat and I’ve been slim. Slim is better! And I want to be slim more than I want the chocolate. For me, it really is a simple as that.” But what amazed me most were the comments such as ‘Oh, you eat carbs!’. “Why not?” I would ask. My long established philosophy is to eat moderate amounts of carbohydrates and proteins as they are the backbone of any healthy diet. I’m not against other diets but I am a firm believer that we should follow an eating plan that forms a healthy lifestyle forever so we can stay slim and healthy into our old age. Isn’t that the ultimate goal we are all aiming for?

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