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Rosemary Conley writes September edition

Failsafe ways to lose weight

Why is it when you eat a few extra treats the weight piles on, but when you’re really good you only lose a tiny bit of weight? Follow Rosemary’s tips to weight-loss success...

What is really happening is that we eat a little bit extra lots of times through the day – an extra shake of cereal for breakfast; an extra yogurt at lunchtime; a cake at the office because it is someone’s birthday; that last potato that’s left in the dish and that extra slice of meat ‘because it seems a shame to waste it’; that extra glass of wine which we forgot about; those few sultanas, that extra bit of cheese after making the sandwiches for hubby’s lunch tomorrow.... These are the kind of things that mount up during a day and we just don’t see them.

After all, it’s not as though we have been to the petrol station and bought a Mars bar and a Yorkie bar, is it. And yet, by just not watching the quantities and having those few extra ‘bits’ we have probably consumed an extra 500 calories over the course of a day!

So what can we do? Here are my ten top tips to turn that weight gain into a weight loss – every week!

  1. Always use your Portion Pots, even when you think you know your portion size by heart. Trust me. We will gradually increase our portions unless we use our pots to measure accurately.
  2. Be very strict about having extras between meals or at meal times. They so easily become a habit whether it is a biscuit, yogurt or an extra piece of fruit. Of course you are allowed a Power Snack between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and your evening meal but make sure it only amounts to 50 calories in value. Grazing on healthy fruit – and yes it is healthy and we should eat our 5-a-day – but if fruit is eaten in addition to your calorie-counted menu plan, the calories really do count!
  3. Stop saying ‘I’ve only had .... today’. It is sending a wrong message to yourself as if you are justifying eating something more. Eat what is suggested within your calorie allowance and stick with it. Only then will you see a real difference on the scales. Read Professor Raj Persaud’s fascinating article in Septembers issue of the Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness magazine about how to manage you cravings. It might help you.
  4. Moving more is the key to speeding up your rate of weight loss. It is staggering to realise how many calories we can burn every day just by moving around more – using the stairs more often, walking instead of driving everywhere, doing some formal exercise or playing a sport, walking for 15-20 minutes – and then the weight will start to fall away.
  5. Realise that exercising is helping you burn extra calories so you lose more weight but it also helps your body to tone up so you are not left with flabby skin. When we exercise at a level that causes us to breath more deeply, for instance doing aerobics, we force more oxygen into our bloodstream which flows through our muscles as we work-out. As our muscles are close to our skin the increased blood flow helps to stimulate the skin and enable it to shrink as we lose weight.
  6. Acknowledge to yourself that next time you wash your car or mow your lawn you are undertaking a serious calorie spending spree. When you acknowledge the fab job your body is doing to help you tone up and slim down, hopefully you will change your attitude from thinking these jobs are a chore into acknowledging that these tasks are helping you to become slim, trim and healthy.
  7. Sort out your wardrobe and get rid of any clothes that are too big for you. You really don’t want to have anything lurking in the back of the wardrobe that might allow you to relax in your mission to become slim and stay that way. (Just keep your biggest item as a reminder of how big you were when you started to lose weight as this should serve as a deterrent to regaining your unwanted weight).
  8. Remember your posture. It is incredible how much better we look when we stand tall and hold in our stomach. It is a habit well worth developing.
  9. The latest research tells us that if we are regular exercisers we can reduce our risk of developing dementia by some 30%. If that isn’t an incentive to stay fit, I really don’t know what is!
  10. And lastly, remember that the benefits of losing weight and getting fit are incredible. Your health will be transformed, your energy levels will be vastly increased and you will feel SO much happier. Isn’t that better than that bar of chocolate?
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