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It’s All in the Mindset Rosemary Writes, July 2006

Where there’s a will, there’s a way to weight loss. The key is to understand which way will work best for YOU.

Finding the motivation to lose weight isn’t easy. A forthcoming event, such as a wedding or summer holiday, where you will be photographed, is perfect for focusing the mind. There’s nothing like imagining ourselves on the beach in shorts or a bikini to make us go hot and cold with dread! But if there is no holiday or family wedding on the horizon, how do we give ourselves that kick up the backside?

Know Yourself

Studies show that our success in losing weight depends to a great degree on our personality type. If you are a ‘live for today’ person, you will want to eat that cream cake now because you won’t be too worried about tomorrow. You may not be able to imagine yourself slim with all the pleasure it can bring, but you are certain of the pleasure you will get from eating that cake! A forward-thinking person is likely to be concerned about their future health and motivated to take action before it’s too late. Or are you always looking back to when you used to be a size 10 and want to go back there but don’t understand why it’s so tough now? We are all unique, with different strengths and weaknesses, and we need to understand what works best for us. Some people find it easier than others to stick to a diet. Some of us are weak if offered a favourite treat while others are rigid in their resolve. Some women enjoy attending classes and interacting with people while others feel they couldn’t cope with a class situation. Our online slimming club suits those who want privacy in their weight-loss but like to communicate and empathise with other members online. Then there’s the ‘lone dieter’ for whom our at-home Postal Slimming Pack is ideal.

Plan Ahead

Think about the reasons WHY you WANT to lose weight and write them down. Find a friend or partner who can support you and, ideally, be your ‘exercise buddy’. Decide how closely you are going to allow them in to your campaign. Will you let them weigh and measure you? Will you even tell them what you weigh? If you feel too embarrassed, that’s fine, but plan how you will communicate your progress. Some people can’t face knowing what they weigh themselves, but are happy for a class instructor to know, because that’s their job. Now set out some timescales. Let’s imagine it is early July and you want to lose a stone by the end of August. This is achievable if you stick strictly to a diet of 1400–1500 calories a day. Have a look at my Gi Jeans Diet book if you want amazingly fast and healthy results. You’ll need to do some exercise, ideally five sessions a week. So make an exercise plan. We can be full of great intentions, but when we come home from work tired and stressed, exercise doesn’t seem that attractive, although a glass or two of wine does! If you have made an ‘appointment’ with your exercise buddy to go for a walk, work out to a fitness video or go to a class, it is much harder to back out. And there is nothing like exercise to neutralise stress and turn pent-up, negative feelings into positive ones. Next, set a day each week for your weigh-in and measuring session. Again, if your ‘weight mate’ can be part of this, all the better. If you attend a class, then that will determine your weigh-in timetable, and measuring yourself there means you can share your success with other people just like you. Make a plan of your weekly meals and prepare a list of foods you need to buy. You could follow the diet in this magazine and base your menu plan on that. Try to limit your meals out. It is much harder to be disciplined when there are so many delicious options on offer!

Chart Your Progress

Place some tins or packets equal to the weight you lose each week and accumulate in a carrier bag. Also, find an old tape measure and colour in how many inches you lose each week. There is nothing more motivating than seeing physical evidence of your progress. Finally, promise yourself a reward for each stone you lose. Plan it with your weight mate and celebrate together so it becomes a team effort where everybody wins. You feel healthier and happier and your ‘supporter’ feels appreciated. Perfect!

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