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Rosemary Conley has welcomed in 2014 with a bang, by unveiling an exciting new image and direction for the entire brand!

The secrets of staying slim

Losing weight is a real learning experience, but maintaining your new weight in the long term can prove to be more of a challenge

Following a Weight-Loss plan is an interesting and rewarding journey. Discovering which foods are high in fat and calories can be a real eye-opener. Then there’s the challenge of learning how to cook low fat and the discipline of making time to exercise.

At the end of each week, when we step on the scales and see how many pounds we have lost, we feel it has all been worthwhile and are motivated to take up the challenge for the next seven days. And then we are rewarded all over again! It just gets better as we begin to feel our clothes getting looser and we can buy new ones in sizes that we haven’t worn for years!

In the success stories featured in this magazine you will read how often the slimmers receive Slimmer of the Week certificates at their classes and how they proudly display them on the fridge at home. Those certificates are a reminder of their achievements. And when our efforts are recognised and appreciated, we are encouraged and motivated to carry on.

Getting to Goal

Once we reach our goal weight, we can’t believe that we have actually ‘done it’. All those weeks and months of saying ‘no’ to that chocolate, refusing that piece of cake, ordering the jacket potato instead of the chips and going for a power walk in the rain seem worthwhile! Now we are wearing size 10 or 12 dresses or jeans and we lap up the compliments from people we haven’t seen in months.

But what next? Reaching our goal is really exciting, but maintaining it is, well, fairly uneventful. But, hey, you’ve achieved what you set out to and you need to recognise the monumental achievement you have pulled off! Can you imagine how many people would love to be at their goal weight!

With almost 60 per cent of the UK population being overweight or obese and many of them suffering health problems as a result, you are now in that special, elite, healthy, fit, enviable section of the population who is SLIM! Yes! You are officially SLIM!

So, what can you do to keep it that way? Try these 10 top tips to help you stay on track.

10 Tips for Success

  1. Set yourself some new goals. Why not take up a lifelong dream challenge such as walking the Great Wall of China, parachuting out of an aeroplane or running the London Marathon and raising money for charity? Such a challenge will give you the motivation to keep exercising, which will help keep you slim!
  2. Take all your ‘big’ clothes to the charity shop – except for your very largest garment, which you should keep as a memento of your achievements.
  3. Make a conscious effort NOT to slip back into your old eating habits such as spreading butter on your bread. Keep on eating and cooking the low-fat way. It should become a normal way of life – for ever.
  4. Remember that you are not actually ‘dieting’ now, so if it’s someone’s birthday and it’s cream cakes all round, have one. Thoroughly enjoy it and appreciate it as a treat. That’s what I do!
  5. Stay active. If you have joined a gym and enjoy going regularly, you should definitely keep going. If you are a member of one of our classes, keep attending every week as the workout will keep you fit and in good shape and you can pop on the scales to check your weight maintenance. I have 15 members at my own classes who have been joining me on a Monday night for more than 25 years! They are fit and healthy as a result.
  6. Now that you’ve reached your goal you may be tempted to think you can go back to indulging as you used to. If you start eating or drinking too much again, the weight will pile back on in no time. It’s much harder to lose it the second time around, so don’t be tempted!
  7. Enjoy being fit and slim. Enjoy buying new clothes. Enjoy feeling your flat stomach. Enjoy running around with your children and appreciate your feeling of ‘lightness’. And enjoy the compliments from your husband or partner who puts their arm around your waist and comments on how slim you feel.
  8. Chill out about food and calories. That isn’t a licence to eat anything and everything you see but it is important for you to learn to train your brain away from food. I used to think about food all the time. Now I only think about food when my body tells me I need some because I’m hungry. I’ve retrained my brain and I’m not a slave to food any more. You can do this, too.
  9. Take a photograph of yourself looking your best. Appreciate how far you have come and keep that photograph handy, together with your ‘before’ picture, to remind you of your fantastic achievement.
  10. Avoid stepping on the scales every day. You will know from the way your clothes fit whether you have gained or lost weight. Scales can motivate and de-motivate. If you have lost weight you can be tempted to eat more ‘because you’re in credit’. If you’ve gained a pound you can go into panic mode and find yourself stressed and diving for your ‘weakest-link’ food such as chocolate or crisps. If my clothes start feeling tight I eat a bit less and do a bit more activity for three days and the inches disappear. That, I have found, is the secret – being chilled and happy with my weight. And yes, I want to be slim more than I want to eat that chocolate bar. Why not try to get there, too?
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