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Rosemary Conley has welcomed in 2014 with a bang, by unveiling an exciting new image and direction for the entire brand!

Rosemary Writes

If your motivation is high when you start a diet, you are 10 times more likely to succeed, so how can you stop the willpower from waning?


My top 20 tips...

When we embark on a diet and fitness plan our motivation is strong and the results on the scales are fast and easy to see. The challenge comes when the novelty wears off and the weight doesn’t drop off at the same rate it did at the beginning.

Here are my top 20 tips to keep you motivated:

  1. Determine your goals. Find a reason for getting slim and fitter and write it down eg a forthcoming holiday, wedding or special event for which you really want to be slim. Set a timescale and note down your results as you achieve each milestone.
  2. Reward yourself as you reach each goal eg each time you lose 7lb. Enjoying short-term rewards for your success whether it's buying a new pair of shoes or booking a manicure can keep you motivated.
  3. For each pound you lose on the scales, place the equivalent weight in the form of books or cans into a bag. If ever you feel frustrated when your rate of weight loss slows down, pick up the bag to refresh your memory of how far you have come.
  4. As well as weighing yourself each week, always measure around your bust/chest, waist, hips and widest part. Make a note of your weekly inch or centimetre loss. Sometimes we lose inches even when our weight remains the same.
  5. If you live near one of our diet and fitness classes, do go along. Being in a class with people just like you and participating in an exercise session that will burn fat and tone you up will help you to stay on track. There is a workout at every class we run.
  6. Find a diet buddy to encourage you on your journey and avoid negative people.
  7. Whether a member of an RC class or our RC online slimming club, you will receive a certificate for each stone you lose. Stick these on your fridge to remind you of your achievements.
  8. Always keep your ‘before’ photograph handy and take interim pictures too so you have a visual record of your progress.
  9. Go clothes shopping and try on a dress in your ‘old’ size and realise how much you must have slimmed down.
  10. While shopping, find your dream dress and hold it against you in the size you are aiming for and imagine yourself wearing it. If you can afford it, buy it and use it as a goal.
  11. Keep motivated by reading the stories of our successful slimmers featured in this magazine. They did it and so can you!
  12. Start a scrapbook of momentos of your weight-loss journey, Slimmer of the Week certificates, congratulatory notes and cards to remind you of how well you are doing.
  13. Cut out your favourite low-fat recipes from this magazine. Keep them in a folder as your personal recipe book.
  14. If you have a bad day, don't beat yourself up. Just get back on the diet, eat your three daily meals and do a bit more exercise to burn some extra calories.
  15. Get your hair restyled. Go to a good salon and speak to a stylist to find the best manageable style for you. A new hair colouring can take years off you.
  16. Never discard the largest garment you wore when you were at your heaviest. It will act as a real motivational reminder of your progress.
  17. Celebrate each time you reach a new ‘stone’ category on your weight-loss record card, for instance going from, say, 13st-something to 12st-something.
  18. Exercise helps your skin to shrink back so keep active and massage cream over your body after every shower or bath to help keep your skin soft and toned. Treat yourself to our Body Firming Cream. It’s great value, very effective and smells and feels delightful. I use it every day.
  19. Start dressing thoughtfully to emphasise your slimmer figure. Take pride in your appearance and you'll find that people will pay you compliments, which will encourage you to keep going.
  20. Losing your excess weight, getting fitter and eating more healthily is the best thing you can do to stay healthy. Next time you go to the doctor, ask them to check your blood pressure and cholesterol level. Seeing the improvements to your health will motivate you to keep it up long term. You really could be saving your life!
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