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How you can Slim to Win

You can make a real difference to your body – and your life – if you set yourself some goals and follow a clear-cut action plan

Earlier this year, I was asked to present a new television series for ITV Central. This was to involve filming six people whose lives would be changed dramatically if they lost a significant amount of weight.  I can confidently say that anyone with a lot of weight to shed should be able to lose 6st in six months. I know this because I’ve seen our Slimmer of the Year finalists achieve such speedy and healthy results. Of course, not everyone has the added motivation of being filmed for a TV programme, so here are my 10 top tips for anyone who wants to make a real difference to their shape and size in just six months.

1. Keep a Record

Take “before” photographs – a front, side and back view – and keep them somewhere safe. You don’t have to show them to anyone but you’ll be so glad you took them to look back at when you’re slim. Also, measure yourself and write down the details. Measure the widest part of your upper arms, thighs, bust, hips, widest part of your body (if different) and just above the knees. Take the narrowest measurement of your waist. Men should measure around the abdomen, not underneath it where their trousers sit.

2. Prepare Yourself

Buy my Ultimate Gi Jeans Diet book or join our classes – or both – so you know what to do and how to get organised. Clear out your fridge of foods you no longer want to eat and start planning your first week’s menus.

3. Prepare your Shopping List

After you have decided what you are going to eat in the following week, make a list of what you need and stick to it. Don’t buy anything that is not on that list, even if it is on special offer. It will only tempt you to eat more than you should.

4. Eat Low Gi

Eating foods with a low Gi (glycaemic index) gives you a slow and steady stream of energy and enables your blood sugar levels to stay constant. Not every food you eat needs to be low Gi, but by selecting basmati rice, eating more pasta, choosing oat-based or high-fibre cereals, wholegrain bread, and sweet or new potatoes in preference to “old” ones, you will automatically be eating a low-Gi diet. The bonus is that low-Gi foods keep you feeling fuller for longer, so you don’t get so hungry and are less likely to cheat!

5. Eat Low Fat

With the exception of oily fish and oats, try to buy only foods with 5 per cent or less fat as this will save you hundreds of calories. You will still be able to eat plenty of foods – so you won’t feel hungry – yet still lose lots of weight. The fat that you eat will be stored as fat on your body, so don’t add fat to your cooking and avoid high-fat dressings and oil on salads. Make sandwiches without spreads and instead use sauce or dressing straight on to the bread.

6. Get Motivated

If you are aiming for a specific goal or have a good reason why you want to lose your excess weight, you are much more likely to achieve your target. Take the time to write out a pledge to lose your weight, state the reasons for doing so and include the rate of weight loss you expect to achieve. Be realistic. If you stick rigidly to your diet, don’t cheat and exercise every day, you could lose as much as 3lb a week, and even more if you have a lot of weight to lose.

7. Make an Exercise Plan

We never “feel like exercising” so are much more likely actually to do it if we have drawn up an exercise or activity schedule. If you want fast results and a great body with taut skin at the end of your diet and fitness campaign, you need to do some aerobic exercise, eg aerobics, brisk walking, jogging or strong swimming, for 20 to 30 minutes on five days a week. Work out at a level of activity that makes you slightly breathless.

8. Tone Up!

Ideally, use a toning band to help strengthen and tone your muscles while you lose weight. This will also help to improve your posture and give you a lovely shape. (Rosemary’s toning band is £5.99 plus p&p from 0870 0507727).

9. Find Support!

Whenever we take on a challenge, we need encouragement. If you have a partner who will take delight in your progress and comfort you when the going gets tough, that’s perfect. Getting support from other, like-minded dieters by going to a class is proven to be a huge help, too, with the added bonus that you can be weighed on the same scales, at the same time each week, so you get an accurate check on your progress.

10. Take Notes

Write down your weight and measurement losses and keep a graph of your progress to inspire you. Each week, place weights equivalent to the weight you have lost in a bag or box. Pick it up occasionally to realise how much, cumulatively, you have lost, and how well you are doing in your weight-loss programme!

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