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Rosemary writes for you August edition

10 ways to speed up your weight loss

Why is it when we are desperately trying to lose weight the scales don't want to co-operate? Here are my top ten ways to give your weight loss a boost.

Sandra wrote to me in desperation, she explained “I have the diet book, I go to classes every week, I only buy low-fat foods and I exercise at least three times a week, yet some weeks nothing seems to be happening. What else can I do?”

I meet people like Sandra at my own classes – and I have met lots of ‘Sandra’s’ over the years. I’ve been there myself and I can remember
being obsessed with trying to lose weight and the harder I tried the more
it seemed to go on. So I know how Sandra is feeling.

The problem is that the more obsessed we are about losing weight, the more we think about food. What shall I have for breakfast? Lunch? Tonight?

And the more we think about food the hungrier we become. We’re bound to as food is at the forefront of our mind and we need to change that thought pattern. We can do this by planning ahead for our week rather than making meal decisions when you are hungry.

  1. Plan your menu for the week and include some of your favourite recipes or dishes that fall within your diet plan. Make sure you have the ingredients in your fridge for your planned meals and recipes and avoid buying anything extra, no matter how good the supermarket offers are this week! Having made your plan, switch off from thinking about food. It’s sorted.
  2. Stick to your plan and don’t deviate. Focus on other things to keep your mind busy. Think about taking up a new physical pastime – playing a sport, going swimming, buddy up with someone to go walking, join a dance class – anything to take your mind off food! Watch the interviews with our successful slimmers on They will inspire you because they have achieved what you are aiming for.
  3. Watch your portion sizes. Use your Portion Pots® whenever you are serving yourself with rice, pasta, breakfast cereal or whatever. I believe giving ourselves too big a portion is the number one reason why we don’t lose weight when we are trying to stick to a diet plan. Keeping an eye on your portions will help you stay on track.
  4. Wear your pedometer. It somehow – almost magically – makes us much more conscious of moving more. It makes us WANT to go up the stairs rather than use the lift; park the car further away in the car park; go for a longer walk; walk rather than use the car when you can. You will be amazed how much more weight you will lose if you just become more active in your everyday life.
  5. Aim to exercise formally at least five days a week rather than three. Walking a mile and a half at a brisk pace each day sounds a lot but it only takes 30 minutes and it will transform your rate of weight loss progress. Your Rosemary Conley Class counts as 1½ sessions within your week and, if you exercise at a higher intensity, ie. putting quite a lot of elevation into your workout, you can count it as two of your five a week sessions. If you go jogging, a 15-minute run will equal one of your five a week because you are working at a higher energy level. Build your activities into your weekly plan so you always find time. If you have a static exercise bike at home, keep it in the living room and cycle while you are watching your favourite TV programme. Work out to one of my DVDs if you can’t get to more than one class in a week. They count in the same way as a class and offer you the option of working at a higher level if your fitness allows, plus aerobic exercise works the muscles all around your body to give you a better shape and figure whereas walking, running and cycling tend to use the legs more but the abdominal and upper body muscles less.
  6. Say ‘NO’ to snacks other than your Power Snack between meals. This is the second biggest reason why folk gain weight – they are habitual snackers! Unfortunately, most snacks are high in fat so it’s double damage when we eat them – and they’re addictive. You only need to eat a biscuit with your morning coffee on one morning to be craving for it again tomorrow. And who eats only one biscuit anyway?
  7. This leads me on to the golden rule of shopping. Just don’t buy anything that might tempt you in a weak moment. Buying fun-size chocolate bars and bumper bags of crisps in case the children bring their friends around is a poor excuse for buying highly tempting food which you will end up eating. Just don’t do it!
  8. When preparing your meals watch the quantities of the food you are cooking. We all hate waste so we end up dividing the contents of the colander, that last slice of meat or portion of pasta or rice – on to our plates. That’s where you run the risk of seriously jeopardising your weight loss progress.
  9. Leave those leftovers alone. If you can’t face scraping the plates in to the bin, get someone else to do it for you. If you have a dog who will eat scraps, make the most of their appetite, save your waistline and add it to their next meal bowl.
  10. Watch your alcohol consumption. Drinking alcohol is a habit and we need to watch how much we drink for our health. If you are serious about losing weight, you will need to cut back and when you do, you’ll be thrilled with the scales rather than disappointed.

Losing weight is a matter of physics. If you eat less and do more you will lose weight.

Trust me – it works!

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