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How to survive Christmas without ruining your diet

Christmas is a time to eat, drink and be merry but we don’t want to spoil what we have worked so hard to achieve all year. Here’s my A-Z guide of how to cope

rrange in advance to do a group activity with friends once Christmas Day and Boxing Day are over – maybe a ramble or bike ride. It is good to get out and about and have some physical activity and fun.

uy stocking filler presents that focus on activity for all the family. A skipping rope, football, Frisbee, pedometer, bat-and-ball set – it doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it encourages everyone to get moving!

hristmas card writing is a big task but it is a great way to stay busy and away from the snacks.

ance the night away. Disco dancing burns around 350 calories an hour, depending on your weight, so get up on the dance floor whenever you can.

njoy the compliments you receive as a result of the weight you’ve lost so far and use these comments as encouragement to keep going.

ocus on your long-term weight goal and make a plan of all your other life goals for 2008. You will achieve so much more if you do.

o for lots of walks whenever possible. It is a great way to burn fat and get some fresh air as well as getting out of sight of those tempting Christmas treats!

ave an alcoholic drink but try to drink plenty of water, too. It will help you stay sober longer and will greatly reduce the likelihood of a hangover!

gnore the high-fat nibbles at parties. We can easily consume 500 calories without feeling we’ve eaten anything – so they are just not worth it.

ust say no sometimes when the chocolates and sweets are being handed around. Remember, it takes 20 seconds to eat a single chocolate but 20 minutes of exercise to burn it off!

eep an eye on between-meal snacks. Try to avoid grazing as we can eat twice our normal calories without feeling we’ve really indulged.

ook for ways to get moving. Run up and down stairs as often as possible, walk instead of driving to the post office to send your thank-you letters, and try leaving the car at home and walking to friends’ houses for a change. It all adds up.

ake a list of everything you need for your Christmas holiday meals and stick to it. You don’t need to buy extras just because they are on offer at “three for the price of two!”

uts are best bought in their shells rather than in a variety pack. After struggling to open a couple with the nut crackers, you might get bored, whereas the ready-shelled ones are just too easy to eat.

pen only one box of chocolates at a tim and save any unopened boxes to give to your local hospice for them to use in raffles or tombolas to raise much needed funds.

ark your car at the furthest part of the car park away from the supermarket. Not only will you walk further and burn more calories pushing that heavy trolley, but also you’ll find more room to park and so your car will be less likely to get scratched.

uestion the family to see if they all actually want a Christmas cake, mince pies and other traditional favourites. So often we make or buy these things because we have always done so. I haven't bought or made a Christmas cake for 10 years and my family don't miss it at all!

esist the temptation to overbuy food. We tend to shop for Christmas as if there were going to be a famine because shops are closed for a couple of days.

ave any uneaten Christmas cake and freeze it. Cut off the icing and marzipan – and don’t eat it! Cut the cake into slices, wrap each one in clingfilm and place in an airtight container in the freezer, ready for unexpected visitors.

ry sending your guests away with a doggy bag if you have too much food left after your party. You really don’t want it hanging around in your fridge!

ndo any weight gain caused by the festivities by working out to a fitness DVD or going for a run or long brisk walk. It will help you get you back on track.

italise yourself by having one diet and fitness day between Christmas and New Year.

ait until 1 January to get on the scales. Weight fluctuates over the festive season and you might panic if you think you have put on lots of fat. Give it time and most of it will work its way off if you exercise and cut back on food.

ercise, exercise, exercise (OK, we’re cheating on X!) if you want to indulge and not gain weight!

ear 2007 is almost over. Look back at what you have achieved in your weight- and inch-loss goals and congratulate yourself. Here’s to even more success in 2008!

ap any Christmas leftovers out of your fridge and into the bin ready for 1 January and a fresh start to the new year.

“Remember, it takes 20 seconds to eat a single chocolate but 20 minutes of exercise to burn it off!”

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