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Today can be the first day of the rest of your lifeRosemary Writes Feb 2005

It may be the first day you have tried to lose weight or it may be that you have been trying to lose weight for a while – nevertheless, today is still the day you start your diet.

It’s good to see each day as a unit. If it turns out to be a good diet-day you can feel proud of yourself. If it becomes a disaster diet-day, just “turn the page” in your mind and start afresh tomorrow.

You will achieve your new slim figure over time – it’s “work in progress” but it is the best “work” you will ever do. Why? Because achieving a healthy weight will make a major contribution to your achieving a healthier body.

Reduce your risk of illness

More and more scientific research proves that obesity is a major cause of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some cancers and high blood pressure. These are serious conditions which can kill us, yet it is totally within our control to turn that risk around; all we have to do is make some small lifestyle changes.

If we ate less fat, gave ourselves smaller portions and were generally more active, we could dramatically reduce our chances of premature death.

Find a reason to lose weight

When we asked our finalists of this year’s Slimmer of the Year awards what made them stop gaining weight and start losing it, we received the same answers we’ve heard so many times before. “I didn’t want to be the ‘fat mum’ at the school gates.” “My doctor told me I would die early if I didn’t lose weight.” “I saw a photograph of myself at my niece’s wedding and I couldn’t believe that great fat person was actually me.” “I saw myself on video.”

Don’t stay in denial

Many overweight people don’t possess a mirror that shows below shoulder height. They buy clothes with elastic waistbands so they don’t know what their size really is. They often wear the same few clothes that fit for months, not daring to go into a dress shop to buy new ones in case the size is bigger than last time.

Being overweight, or dare I say obese, is like having a great big cloud affecting every day and everything in your life – how people treat you, how fast you can move about, the pain in your knees when you climb the stairs, a feeling of permanent exhaustion.

Make the choice to be slim

The word “obese” is an ugly word that brings with it connotations of greed, lack of self-respect and laziness. Change those unkind words to “love of food”, “lack of confidence” and “inactive” and you realise it describes a totally normal person who has “let things get a little out of control.” It happens.

Many people have a part of their life that is out of control. It may be debt, addiction, infidelity, abuse – who knows? But the fact is that if you are seriously overweight or obese it’s OK! You are not ready to be “certified” but you are a good and worthy member of society who has the CHOICE to change your body size and become healthier.

Find a support group

If you live near one of our classes, go along no matter what your size or level of fitness. Our fully qualified instructors will care for you and help you reach your goals. They are specifically trained to modify the exercise component of the class to suit all physical abilities. They are also qualified in nutrition and so will give you sound advice suited to you as an individual.

If there’s no class near you, try our Postal Slimming Pack (see page 112 of the Rosemary Conley Magazine or click here) or our online slimming club ( All of these methods of weight loss are proven to work and are very popular.

We know, too, that we need regular and consistent motivation and that’s where this magazine comes in. After requests received over many years from our readers we have now decided to publish this magazine monthly from January to June and every other month from July to December. This way we can bring you extra diets, recipes and exercises as well as heaps of expert information to help you succeed. Let me know if there’s a particular feature you would like us to do

So this New Year, let’s take some simple steps to a new you . . .

  1. Eat three meals a day.
  2. Stop snacking between meals.
  3. Start being more active every day. Remember you burn twice as many calories standing rather than sitting, walking rather than standing and jogging rather than walking!
  4. Eat foods with 5% or less fat, with the exception of oily fish, e.g. salmon or mackerel, once a week.
  5. Drink lots of water but drink alcohol only in moderation.

Follow these five Golden Rules and you’ll change your body and your life.

Happy New Year!

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