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Rosemary writes
Choose long-term success over ‘quick-fix’ fads

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, there’s no need for starvation diets – small steps towards healthy eating and exercise can make a BIG difference

We can lose weight in a variety of ways – by cutting down on food, going on a specific diet, exercising more, following a very-low-calorie-diet of meal replacement drinks, or even by having gastric surgery. Some methods make good common sense, while others are more drastic, can carry risk and be inconvenient.

But, unless we understand what is making us overweight in the first place, once we’ve stopped ‘dieting’ it’s likely we will return to our old eating habits and the weight will creep back on. Surely that’s obvious? Yet people still subject themselves to punitive diets and swap normal, healthy meals for meal-replacement drinks. To me, it just doesn’t make sense. No one can stay on this type of diet forever, and it wouldn’t be healthy to do so. Once you return to old eating habits the weight piles back on, and you can often end up weighing more than you did at the beginning.

Amazing Diet Results

When I started the diet trial for my new Amazing Inch Loss Plan book, my 50 volunteers were desperate to lose weight. They sat in the drawing room at our head office in Quorn House looking hopeful that I was going to produce a magic formula that would enable them to lose weight and become fitter. They were a typical group of people who had got into bad eating habits and inactive lifestyles. They lacked confidence and energy and some were suffering with aches and pains while others had more serious health problems.

They were given a diet sheet containing suggested meals, a daily milk allowance and a list of 50-calorie Power Snacks. For the first two weeks they were to have no alcohol, take plenty of exercise and consume 1,200 calories a day. They could choose either carbohydrate-based meals or high-protein options. For the second two weeks of the diet, they were allowed 1,400 calories a day – men and women alike.

Health Benefit

After a month the group of 50 trialists, aged between 18-70, had lost an incredible 50st – an average of a stone each! They were buzzing and their beaming smiles said it all. Their stories of how good they felt and how some had their medication reduced by their doctor were tremendously exciting. It had been good for them to see each other during the trial as there was a sense of ‘doing it together’ that gave them confidence. When we invited them to carry on visiting Quorn House for a weekly weigh-in for the next six months, they were delighted. They wanted to carry on the eating plan and see even greater benefits to their health.

The first month of my Amazing Inch Loss Plan diet is strict. No alcohol for the first two weeks and for the second two weeks it is restricted to one drink a day – but all the trialists coped. They learned which foods were good and which ones were best avoided and found that the benefits of eating healthily far outweighed the sacrifices they made. After that first month, they continued to lose weight at a steady pace so that when we all met up for our six-month reunion, it was like looking at a roomful of new people.


The overall champion weight-loser was John Newcombe, who shed an extraordinary 4st 1lb in six months! The cumulative weight loss of the trialists was now 77st! They had transformed their bodies, their fitness, their lifestyles and their health – and none more so than Bill Wiltshire, our original champ who had lost 1st 10lb in the first month!Shortly after finishing the first four-week trial period, Bill, a diabetic, had found himself seriously ill in hospital with cellulitis. The surgeon warned Bill’s wife that he was likely to lose his leg as his diabetes had affected his circulation and amputation might be the only way to save his life. But fortunately Bill’s efforts to lose weight and his daily exercise had improved his circulation so much in just a month that he was able to keep both his legs! The surgeon told Bill that had he not changed his diet, lost weight and exercised, his leg would not have been saved.

Taking charge

We always imagine such health scares will never happen to us and that we are somehow immune to illness. But we’re wrong – we are not invincible. There is a growing obesity problem in the UK and unless we take responsibility, we will pay for it in later life – mentally, physically and materially.

Lifestyle changes needn’t be punitive or painful. Taking just a few small steps can make a massive difference to your life. Why not start today? If you visit you can watch the trialists as they progressed on their weight-loss journey. You’ll see the change in their attitude and confidence and realise how losing weight by eating a sensible, healthy diet and taking regular exercise really did change their lives.

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