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Rosemary writes for you February edition

Get ready, get set – and go for a whole new you

If you want to be a weight-loss winner in 2012, set yourself a goal – and once you’ve achieved it, set yourself another one!

“Small goals prove the most rewarding. ‘Lose a stone in the next six weeks’ is both achievable and realistic”

What an exciting year it’s going to be – a year in which we can all be inspired to achieve our goals. With Great Britain due to host the 2012 Games, all the sportsmen and women will be thinking of little else. They will be training like mad to improve their performance in the hope of achieving their lifetime dream of winning a medal.


Having a goal is the key to success. It gives us a focus. Sometimes our goals take longer to achieve than we would wish but that doesn’t matter – so long as we get there in the end.

Setting weight-loss goals requires some thought. Should we set our desired end weight as our goal? Or should it be to lose a stone at a time so that each 1-stone loss becomes a goal in itself? Maybe our goal will be to get from a size 18 to a 12? Or it might be a ‘loose’ goal such as ‘I want to lose weight this year’ or ‘I want to become fitter in 2012’ – both of which are admirable aims but it will be difficult to determine if we’ve actually reached them.

Great goals

In my experience, small goals prove the most rewarding. ‘Lose a stone in the next six weeks’ is both achievable and realistic as a goal, but the most exciting thing is that it won’t take long. Once that goal is achieved, a new goal can be set. Even if it takes you seven weeks to achieve your initial goal, it really doesn’t matter – the most important thing is to stay focused and to make a plan. But if you do achieve the stone loss in just six weeks, you should reward yourself with a new pair of shoes or some make-up, or whatever.

Here are some goal ideas to get you thinking:

My goal is to...

  • Lose a stone in ... weeks
  • Drop a dress size in ... weeks
  • Get into the next stone ‘band’ (say from 14st-something to 13st-something)
  • Be able to walk up the stairs without having to pause halfway
  • Manage to do the entire workout at my Rosemary Conley class rather than just the warm-up
  • Be able to walk around the block in ... minutes
  • Get slim enough to wear my favourite ... (skirt/trousers/jeans/dress)
  • Do up my belt by a notch
  • Be able to feel my work uniform fitting more loosely and comfortably rather than feeling as if it’s “stuck” to my body


Timescale targets

It’s always good to have short-term goals, long-term goals and ultimate goals. I am a real goal-setter and make lists of my aims and ambitions. I sometimes change or tweak those goals but they are nevertheless there in my mind. Setting up our wonderful Diet and Fitness Clubs was a goal. Launching this magazine in 1996 was a goal. Having a TV studio was a goal. Being selected for ITV1’s Dancing on Ice was a goal. (You will have to wait till 8th January to see if I actually made it on to the show! And if I have, please vote for me!).

Without goals we will flounder around, just existing, and that is a waste. If you want to be slim, healthy and fit, goals are essential. And rather than half-heartedly meandering with a mindset of ‘Well, I would like to be a bit slimmer...’ try to approach your weight-loss goals in the same way as those 2012 Games athletes. If you make the effort to lose weight and become fitter this year you will enjoy an even greater reward than a Gold medal. You could be saving yourself from suffering Type 2 diabetes or having a stroke or heart attack. You could prevent yourself from getting stomach, breast or bowel cancer. We all imagine these things won’t happen to us but none of us is immune from disease and we should do everything in our power to reduce our risk.

Diet decisions

Next, determine which diet you are going to follow. Is there one of our classes near you? Where is it and which day suits you best? If you can’t get to a class, what about joining Check it out.

Make a list of foods you plan to buy – and don’t include those you should no longer be buying! Prepare a menu plan or just follow the diet in this magazine. If you want the easy option, you could try our Solo Slim® Diet and have the food delivered to you door. Then all you have to do is buy some breakfast cereal and some fruit and veg to accompany your ready meals.

What about exercise? When will you do it? What type of exercise do you fancy doing? What can you fit into your lifestyle? Make a plan and stick to it.

Once you have got your head around all this preparation, you are all set for a new you. How exciting is that! Make 2012 truly a year to remember.

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