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Rosemary Conley has welcomed in 2014 with a bang, by unveiling an exciting new image and direction for the entire brand!

Let this New Year be the time you start living
YOUR life!

It’s the start of a new year and the perfect time to discover your willpower and achieve
your weight-loss dreams.

Happy New Year everyone! And what a new year it is likely to be. For me 2011 celebrates my 40th anniversary of changing my job from being a secretary to running my own slimming and fitness business. And what an exciting adventure I have enjoyed since 1971! It is also Mike’s and my 25th wedding anniversary in July, which is also very special. And then, on top of all that, this issue marks the magazine’s 15th birthday and to celebrate we’re launching a new look, larger sized magazine and one that is packed full of helpful advice and inspiration to help YOU start a new life this January!

It’s a new year and a new body is waiting for you.
So, imagine you weigh 20st (and if you don’t weigh that, just be really thankful.) Next, take a look at our Slimmers of the Year in this issue and be inspired. At this time last year Stephanie Hughes and Michael Hutchinson weighed over 20st each and they made a decision 12 months ago to transform their lives. Their amazing photographs and stories go to prove what can happen in just a year. What they have achieved is phenomenal. But they have been focused and dedicated. They have stuck to the Amazing Inch Loss Plan diet and have exercised lots
– and it’s worked!

One of the greatest joys of my job is meeting people like our Slimmers of the Year and to see and hear their stories. It is a privilege. I love shopping with them to find clothes that make them look gorgeous. I love seeing them being ‘made over’ by our hair and make-up artists. I love watching them being photographed by our wonderful photographer Alan Olley (I won’t be photographed by anyone else because he is such a brilliant photographer!). And then the icing on the cake is when I invite them to take a look at the laptop, which shows the photographs we have taken of them. They cry! Always. They are overwhelmed at how gorgeous they look and how slim they are. It is like this is the first time they face the facts straight on and realise that ‘YES! I AM SLIM!’ As Stephanie says in her interview, her mind hasn’t yet caught up with her body size. When she saw the photographs, I think the penny finally dropped!

So, what about you? Yes, it is a new year and a new body is waiting for you. It is there for the taking and the only barrier between success and the status quo is YOU!


If you want to transform your life this year, right now is the time to make some choices. Is this the right time for you to make some lifestyle changes? Do you want to make those choices and changes for yourself or to please someone else? For you to succeed it has to be YOUR choice and nobody else’s.

Next, you will need some help so ideally find one of our classes near you because the support and exercise, the camaraderie and the care that you will receive will be second to none. If there isn’t a class nearby then consider joining which is our online slimming and support club. With our professionally qualified coaches (they have all been our franchisees and have previously run our classes before becoming our online coaches), you will be given first class support and encouragement and the website has been brilliantly redesigned so that it is easy to navigate and this year we have our very first Online Slimmer of the Year.

It maybe that you feel cooking your own food and deciding which meals to cook is just too complicated. Well, we’ve sorted that for you too with our Solo Slim® Healthy Food Boxes which means that perfectly portioned, calorie controlled food is delivered to your door and all you have to do is literally heat it up.

I can’t give you the willpower to achieve your weight-loss dreams, but I can provide you with the tools with which to achieve it. Check out the new Slimmer of the Year channel and be totally inspired. They have done it and you can too. What have you got to lose – except your weight.

Live it and love the consequences.

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