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Take off without temptation

A forthcoming holiday provides the perfect motivation we need to lose those extra pounds but as soon as we step in the airport... temptation beckons!

There’s nothing better to motivate us to lose weight and tone up than a fast-approaching holiday. Looking at ourselves in the mirror in our underwear and imagining it’s swimwear can be enough to cause palpitations so most of us will have been saintly with our food and highly energetic with our exercise in the few weeks before we fly.

But for the first time in our history, flights have been unexpectedly cancelled because of the volcanic ash cloud so for all of us flying abroad, wherever it may be, there is that dread that we may be stuck in an airport. Waiting at an airport isn’t much fun on any level, but one of the worst things is the food. It’s just not geared towards healthy eaters. When you’re fed up that your flight has been cancelled or postponed, you could be forgiven for thinking ‘Darn it. I’ll have a full English with chips!’

A problem shared is a problem halved

Once on the plane, temptation looms all over again. Meal Deals that include a free ‘let’s-undo-all–that-hard-work-you’ve-put-into-losing-weight’ KitKat or mini Snickers bar are unhelpful. I usually end up giving mine to my next-door passenger who gleefully adds to his determination to add yet another inch to his already ample waistline.

The sandwiches are full and substantial and certainly not low fat. Their calorie content varies from ‘loads’ to ‘unbelievable’.  The small can of Pringles always teases and then there’s the ‘cheese & biscuit pack’. That’s no good either. I usually opt for the Bacon Baguette at a zillion calories a pack, but justify it by giving my husband Mike half. But my favourite treat was a blueberry muffin until I read the nutritional information on the packaging which informed me I had just consumed 350 calories in one measly cake! On the basis that often the Bacon Baguettes are not available because they were eaten by the passengers on the previous flight, and everything else is high in calories and fat anyway, I make do with whatever is still on offer and optimistically hope that being airborne might accelerate my metabolism and the calories will be zapped. If only!

If you’re anything like me I have to eat breakfast before I leave the house even if it’s 4.30am. I’d get car sick and feel faint if I didn’t. So, by lunch time I will have had, in effect, two meals already and half my day’s calories and we’ve just arrived on our much-looked-forward-to holiday! No wonder we gain weight on our hols.

Damage limitation is key

It’s all sounding a bit gloomy, but it needn’t be. The key to keeping your weight down (we’re not expecting to lose weight on holiday) is to not eat chocolate and snacks between meals. Drink plenty of water and try not to over-do the booze. It’s great to have a drink on holiday but drinking in excess weakens the willpower, stimulates our appetite and adds loads of calories.

Try to be as physically active as possible. Make the most of the facilities in the resort: Swimming, going to the gym, playing golf or tennis, horse riding or surfing, they all burn lots of calories. It’s amazing what food and drink you can get away with eating if you are very active while you’re away.

The good news is when you get home, you can put yourself on my Fast Track Fortnight diet for just one week and you will lose your holiday bulges and get back to your pre-holiday, super-slim weight and feel great again. But do it immediately when you get home as the extra weight you are carrying probably hasn’t turned into proper fat yet. If you leave it a couple of weeks it will be much tougher to shift. I’ve had class members gain half a stone on holiday and lose it the next week by taking immediate action – not starving themselves, just eating around 1,200 calories a day for a week and being really strict. It works.

So, should you not eat at the airport or on the plane? If your flight is delayed, of course you should, but choose thoughtfully. Eating something on the flight helps to pass the time so I’m not against in-flight eating either. Just skip the chocolate and crisps because they are healthy-habit-breakers and that’s dangerous. Stick to proper food and do an extra few lengths in the pool when you reach your destination! Enjoy your holiday!

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