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Rosemary writes for you July edition

A-Z of a slimmer summer

Whether you’ve lost weight and still want to maintain your new figure or still need to lose some pounds to reach your goal, here’s my A-Z guide to keeping trim this summer:

  1. Activity is key to weight loss. Look for anything you can do outdoors that will burn a few extra calories.
  2. Barbecues are a great way to cook as all of the fat from your sausages, burgers and chicken drip into the coals below. Have plenty of oil-free salad accompaniments on hand to make a low fat banquet.
  3. Cycling is a brilliant fat burner. Get that old bike out and go out as a family. Try cycling to work if that’s practical – even if it’s just one day a week. It all adds up.
  4. Drinking too much alcohol can ruin your dieting endeavours. Everyone loves a drink and alcohol in moderation is even good for us. But, if you’re trying to lose weight, try to cut back for faster results on the scales.
  5. Exercise falls into two main categories – fat-burning aerobic exercise such as walking, running, cycling and aerobics. Or toning/strength exercise that work specific muscles to make them stronger and more toned. Try to do five sessions of around 20-30 minutes aerobic activity each week as well as a couple of 15-minute toning and strength sessions.
  6. Five-a-day is what we know we should eat of fruit and/or vegetables. Try to include these in your daily food and be creative if you don’t like many vegetables. A tomato-based sauce counts as a serving and chopping up some fruit into a salad is a fab way to make a salad really colourful and tasty.
  7. Gardening is brilliant exercise. Mowing the lawn will give you a great walk, weeding will help to keep you flexible and strong and digging will really strengthen your muscles and burn lots of calories! Whatever activity you do in your garden it will help you lose weight.
  8. Hunger is not a good feeling but when you do feel it you should tell yourself that your body is now calling on your reserves of fat to keep its engine running and that means you’re losing weight! Stave off hunger pangs between meals by drinking plenty of water or by munching on carrots, celery or chopped courgettes.
  9. Involvement. Get involved in activities with others – a group walk, a game or a project. You can have some fun, achieve a lot...and burn some extra calories whilst keeping away from the kitchen and the fridge!
  10. Jelly is a lovely, fat-free dessert that tastes delightful with fruit and some low-fat ice cream. Turn to page 52 for some great ice cream and lolly recipes!
  11. Kick a football about with the kids, or even on your own. It is great for keeping our motor skills sharp and is great exercise – your kids will love it!
  12. Living! Love life and try to wake up every morning feeling optimistic about your day. The happier we are the more active and healthy we will be.
  13. Motivation is what we all need to achieve our goals. Recognise what motivates you on your diet and fitness campaign and develop that motivation. It could be health benefits, your confidence levels, a new wardrobe when you are slim, or just not feeling so tired. All of those goals could be yours if you stay on track!
  14. No! Learning to say ‘no’ when someone offers a chocolate, a sweet or a cream cake gets easier the more times you say it! It’s a new habit to develop and once you do, it really isn’t a big issue. Just not eating those extras is a massive step towards your future success to become slim.
  15. Opportunities! Look for opportunities to move more in your everyday life. Stand when you take a phone call; walk rather then drive small distances; park further away in a car park; always use the stairs when shopping; offer to do other folk’s errands. You’ll be amazed what a difference these small things make to your daily calorie expenditure. You could increase it by 200 a day!
  16. Picnics are great fun to create and can be really healthy too. After a lovely walk and maybe a game of rounders, what better way to spend a summer afternoon with the family?
  17. Question what you are eating and what you are doing. Is what you are eating containing the least fat it could be? Is there a way of doing what you are doing in a way that could be more energetic? It is a mind-set that is worth developing.
  18. Running burns twice as many calories as walking and takes half as long. It also strengthens your bones and challenges your heart and lungs. Not everyone enjoys running or can run any distance but even running a few steps on your walks makes a big difference to your fitness, calorie burning and leg bone strength.
  19. Steps! Ten thousand steps a day for adults and 15,000 steps a day for children. That is what we should be aiming to achieve to stay fit. Wear a pedometer to help keep tabs on your activity levels.
  20. Temptation! Avoid keeping anything in the house that might tempt you away from your healthy eating plan. Don’t fool yourself that those biscuits are in the cupboard in case visitors arrive. Trust me, it will be YOU that eats them in a moment of weakness. Just don’t buy them!
  21. Ultimate goal. What is your ultimate goal? To be slim, fit and healthy and feel years younger? Imagine yourself at your goal and realise how fantastic you will feel. How much more confidence you will have. How much happier you will be. Keep focussed, keep on track, keep active and you will reach it!
  22. Victory over adversity. When you lose your weight and begin to feel the enormous benefits of being healthier you will find a sense of pride and victory that is priceless. All those self-doubts, self-destructive thoughts you have battled with will have disappeared. Keep at it. It is SO worthwhile!
  23. Weigh yourself only once a week. Even when you are maintaining your weight, only pop on the scales weekly. Use your Magic Measure™ to check your measurements. After all, it is what we look like, not what we weigh, that really matters. Weighing ourselves daily can cause us to become obsessed with our weight. We really don’t want that.
  24. X-ray. Imagine an X-ray machine that didn’t only show our bones but our muscles and fat too. Try to work on making the muscles bigger and stronger and the fat on your body less. We can only achieve this through exercise so make exercise part of your everyday lifestyle.
  25. Youthful – that’s what you’ll feel when you lose weight and become fitter. There is nothing else that you can do that will add more years to your life and more energy to your day than getting slim and becoming fit.
  26. ZZZ... is for sleep. We all need it and your weight loss campaign will be more effective if you get enough sleep so that your body is allowed good quality rest to repair and renew itself.
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