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Rosemary Conley writes July edition

Enjoy a slimmer summer holiday

You’ve lost weight for your holiday, but how can you keep the pounds off while you’re away? Rosemary tells you how...

Looking forward to a summer holiday provides the perfect package – the incentive to lose weight and tone up for the beach, plus the excuse to buy some lovely new clothes so we can look glamorous while we are away.

Once we reach our destination and settle in – it’s celebration time! At last we’ve arrived and it’s warm and beautiful (hopefully!) and we can’t wait to be lying on the beach or by the pool, soaking up the sun and sangria.

It’s not long before we have a welcome drink, maybe a few treats that have been left in our room and soon it’s time for dinner. And it’s when we step into the restaurant which is offering a banquet of sumptuous flavours and colours to tempt us that we feel particularly excited. It’s not surprising that portion control and calories are the last things on our mind – and that’s just fine.

You’ve worked hard and saved hard for this holiday and you jolly well ought to enjoy every moment. You should taste the delicious treats laid out in front of you and soak up the luxury of being served instead of being head cook, shopper, cleaner, organiser.... this is a holiday for YOU.

Enjoy it!

So how can we do all that and not put on a stone in two weeks? We all know how hard it is to shift it again and how long it has taken us to lose it in the first place so what can we do to minimise the damage yet still have a good time?

My top ten tips to help keep the pounds at bay:

  1. Enjoy a drink, but be sensible – for your health as well as your waistline. Creamy cocktails are loaded with calories, yet take only moments to drink. Favour ‘shorts’ such as rum, gin or whisky with a slimline mixer if possible and mix soda with your wine to make a spritzer. Remember even natural fruit juices are high in calories so enjoy them as a treat rather than a thirst quencher. The golden rule is to drink plenty of water to quench your thirst and space out your alcohol.
  2. Get active! Get out and about sight-seeing and exploring and go for walks along the beach (that’s really good for your legs as it is really hard work walking on sand). Cycling, water sports, beach games – volley ball, rounders, football – are great fun for all the family. Of course swimming is a great aerobic activity and if there are fitness classes at your hotel, do as many as you can. Try to do something energetic every day and it will make a massive difference in holding back the pounds.
  3. Eat sensibly. Remember the principles of low-fat eating – not spreading butter on your bread or toast, not dipping bread in olive oil, avoiding cream and deep fried food – and choose dishes that are naturally lower in fat and not laced with loads of extra calories.
  4. Breakfast is an important meal on holiday and often includes the most delicious of local fruits and breads. Try some of the fruits you’ve never tasted and fill up on these gorgeous treats. If you want to eat a cooked breakfast, then just avoid the fried bread, black pudding, sausages, potato cakes, mushrooms and scrambled eggs as they will all be high fat. Instead go for bacon, baked beans, egg, tomatoes and toast and that might save you the need to have a proper lunch.
  5. If you do eat lunch go for locally caught fish and salad or fruit. Your evening dinner will be your main meal of the day so save yourself for that.
  6. For dinner enjoy the different courses but again choose wisely. Go for maximum filling power – salads and vegetables alongside your main dish. If your evening meal is served as a buffet, resist the temptation to fill up your plate as if there will be a famine tomorrow. There won’t be and it is that ‘over eating’ that will pile on the pounds that you worked so hard to shift before your holiday. It just isn’t worth it.
  7. Try not to eat anything between meals. If you want an ice-cream sundae, that’s fine but you need to consider skipping lunch to compensate or you could do loads of exercise to burn it off! Ask yourself how badly do you really want it?
  8. Remember, sitting still uses very few calories – just one calorie per minute – but if you’re active you can burn ten times that so think about moving more, having fun and ‘burning’ calories (through exercise) rather than ‘storing’ them (through eating).

Try to do something energetic every day and it will make a massive difference in holding back the pounds

  1. Take your Magic Measure® away with you. Measure yourself around your waist every couple of days to see how you are doing. That’s what I do. I can then see at a glance whether I need to ‘up’ my exercise and ‘cut back’ on my calories. It is a much better way of keeping in check than the scales as our weight can vary through fluid fluctuation.
  2. If you do go mad and eat and drink for Britain whilst you’re away, avoid weighing yourself as soon as you get home. Just get back on track, go back to your class as soon as possible, immediately put yourself on 1,200 calories per day for a week and get really active. If you act fast, some of the holiday weight won’t settle as real fat. If you leave it a week or two, it will!

So, my overriding message is, enjoy yourself, eat sensibly and get active. Happy holiday! Rosemary Conley

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