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Take tiny steps to BIG slimming success

When losing weight, success doesn’t depend on one big decision, but from regular small, positive choices – ones you really act on

We can lose weight and get fitter by choosing to make good decisions when presented with options:
“Shall I eat this biscuit or not?” “Shall I drive to the shops today or walk?” Will not eating that biscuit make you slim? No. Will walking to the shops today make you fit? No. Will doing 10 ab curls today give you a six-pack? No. But if you avoid snacking on biscuits, always use the stairs rather than the lift and did 10 ab curls every day, then yes, it would make a big difference over time.

The will to succeed

Last summer, I had a shock. I was getting dressed one day when I caught my reflection in the mirror. There, around my usually fairly trim midriff, were lumps and bumps of fat developing into a spare tyre. Now, if you’re reading this magazine, you probably want to get rid of a spare tyre. And, whether you have a little or a lot of weight to lose, you need to have the willpower to make some changes to your daily habits if you are to see success.

At my heaviest, I weighed 10st 4lb and was bordering on a size 14. At 5ft 2in, with size 3 feet, I looked very overweight. Now, my batting weight is 8st and I wear size 8. So when my hipster ‘7 For All Mankind’ jeans still did up around my hips last summer, I thought my weight was OK. (I don’t weigh myself regularly – if I do, I become too conscious of my weight. Instead, I rely on my clothes to tell me how my weight is doing.) But as the jeans had fastened in line with my hip bones, my excess flesh had been pushed upwards to create a rather unattractive “muffin-top” hangover. It had taken only a few wearings of the jeans to move my flesh upwards into a new spare tyre, which then stayed there even when I wasn’t wearing clothes! So I decided I would try really hard to shift a few pounds.

But my progress was disappointingly slow. By the New Year, I felt drastic action was needed. But I had to go on a promotional tour to publicise my new Amazing Inch Loss Plan book and Real Results DVD, so eating really healthily and doing more exercise proved difficult. Then my husband, Mike, and I went on a week’s skiing holiday to Austria. I was planning to take my favourite Guess jeans with me – the ones I wore on the cover of my Gi Jeans Diet book – but, horror of horrors, they wouldn’t even zip up!

It's your choice

In Austria, I skied daily and was careful with my calorie intake, and I lost 1lb in a week. On our return, I didn’t diet as such, but did lots of little things that, over eight weeks, made a big difference. When I walked the dog, I walked faster. I exercised to my fitness DVD twice a week. I stopped snacking before bedtime. I cut out the odd glass of wine and ate one sandwich fewer at lunchtime. By mid-March my jeans fitted perfectly. I was thrilled!

So don’t underestimate the power of those little things we choose to do, or not to do. Every little helps, and lots of tiny, positive steps add up to make a massive difference to our weight loss.

Why not write down five little things you could do to try and speed up your weight loss?

Here are some suggestions:

Five little things to speed up your weight loss

  1. Measure your portion sizes – don’t guesstimate.
  2. Avoid snacking between meals.
  3. Cut back your alcohol intake by 10 per cent.
  4. Say no to second helpings.
  5. Stop finishing the kids’ leftovers.

 Five Little things to help you get fitter

  1. Never leave anything on the bottom stair – always take it upstairs straight away.
  2. Do some exercise every day to help tone your body, such as 10 ab curls or 10 press-ups.
  3. Go for a walk every day in your lunch hour or first thing in the morning, even if it’s for just 10 minutes.
  4. Stand tall as often as you can – this will really help strengthen your core muscles as well as improve your posture, which also makes you look slimmer.
  5. Say yes to any social invitation that involves activity – 10-pin bowling, a game of rounders, a country walk or playing football in the garden with the children.

Adopting this positive mind set, and doing these small things regularly, will help you to succeed. Add them to your current diet and fitness regime of going to classes and following your diet plan. These little add-ons will speed up your progress towards long-term success.

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