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Holiday slim-down action plan

As your holiday approaches and excitement rises, it’s not surprising we go into last minute panic about exposing our body. Follow my action plan to help you look your best on the beach!

“Be as active as you can on holiday. You may surprise yourself and keep the weight off, thus avoiding the need to lose any excess baggage on your return!”

There is much fun to be had in looking forward to our annual holiday in the sun and it gives us a great focus – an excuse to buy some new clothes, a brilliant reason to lose weight and a real reason to cut back on unnecessary expense beforehand so we have some holiday-money to enjoy while we’re away. All of this is great. It makes us think about our bodies and the end result is a fabulous break when we can relax, spend time with our loved ones and generally have a great time.

But, if you don’t feel good about yourself, this fabulous experience can be turned into a nightmare. Your clothes don’t fit and you hate yourself in everything. You feel tired and unmotivated and you are not looking forward to sitting on the beach with your cardigan on to hide your bulges. However, the worst thing is that you will be miserable with yourself and everyone around you and that is a real shame. So let’s get cracking right now with some slim-down action.

  1. Use every bit of willpower you can muster to start your slim-down diet. The Summer Slim-down Plan in this magazine will work if you follow it (see page 21). You could also follow my Amazing Inch Loss Plan book or join our classes, they all work. In trials our dieters lost an average of 7lb in the first two weeks and a stone in four weeks. If you do it, it will work miracles for you but you also need to exercise....
  2. Exercise burns calories and causes you to burn more calories even when you stop exercising so it really is a win/win situation. Aerobic exercise burns fat and it is a term used for any exercise that makes you slightly out-of-breath such as walking, running, aerobics, swimming, cycling, rowing, or dancing. Anything that raises your heart rate slightly and makes you sweat slightly is aerobic. Try to do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day and you will totally transform your weight and your figure. And remember, you don’t just burn more calories during your session, your metabolic rate is elevated afterwards too so you keep on burning fat for hours after you stop! Check out the Cellulite busting workout on page 78 to get your hips and thighs in great show-off shape.
  3. Measure yourself on day one of your diet and fitness campaign. Write down your measurements or register them on your Magic Measure if you have one. The great thing about our Magic Measure is that it very easily tells you how you are doing. Recently I had seen a roll of fat around my middle that isn’t usually there. Out came my Magic Measure to see what the facts were. Shock horror! I had gained two inches around my waist in the last month! This has been caused by the fact that I had hardly been able to exercise for a few weeks due to work pressures (Vitality Show for four days followed by our Training Convention at Center Parcs over two consecutive weekends) plus the fact that I had had a chest infection. As I had worked over two weekends my usual 3-mile dog walk had been missed and I also had to miss teaching my classes one week because I my chest was really bad. So, four weeks on, my figure was suffering big time! The good news is that, after seeing the evidence, I have made a real effort to get exercising again and I’m really focused on getting my fitness back. It’s amazing how quickly you can see an improvement.
  4. Get others involved. Maybe your hubby could do with losing a few pounds or, if you’re going away with friends, they may want to lose a few pounds too. Exercise and get active together. Encourage one another and share your celebratory moments when you see the lbs and inches disappearing.
  5. Don’t buy your holiday clothes until the last minute. Try on the swimsuit in the store to check you have the right style for your figure-shape. Lots of them have flattering tummy support built in so they help you look slimmer, but don’t be tempted to buy swimwear that’s too tight. It just cuts into your flesh and leaves unflattering bulges. I always buy a size bigger for swimwear than I wear for normal clothes. Don’t forget your sun hat to glamorise your look and tying a sarong around your waist or hips will cover a multitude of sins. If you really don’t want to show your legs, remember to take a pretty safety pin to hold the edges of the sarong together.


  1. Follow a diet of 1,200 calories a day for the first 2 weeks and 1,400 calories a day for the weeks 3 and 4 for really fast results.
  2. Do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day without fail.
  3. Do some toning exercises to reshape your body and tone you up. For a 28 day toning programme where you can work out with me (I demonstrate the exercises in real time), just go to our free internet television channel by logging on to for my Amazing Inch Loss Plan exercises. As you progress just change the last digit (Day2, Day3 etc) to view the next workout in the series. There are 28 in total.
  4. Avoid all high fat snacks during this slim down plan period.
  5. Cut out alcohol for the first two weeks and if you can’t resist, stick to just one alcoholic drink a day for weeks 3 and 4.

Follow this plan and you could lose a stone in four weeks. Isn’t it worth it to drop at least one dress size and look and feel a prettier, happier, more confident wife/mum/partner when you go on holiday? You know it makes sense. Stop the excuses and just do it! You’ll be so glad you did.

And, one last suggestion. On holiday be as active as you can, try to avoid snacks between meals and high-fat food. You may surprise yourself that you can keep your weight down, thus avoiding the need for ‘week two’ clothes in a larger size and the need to lose any excess baggage on your return!

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