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Rosemary Conley writes April edition

Ten steps to a slimmer summer body

There’s no hiding place for your body when the weather’s warm – so start shaping up now so you’re ready to flaunt your figure this summer

“Writing down everything you eat and drink is a brilliant habit. It makes you think twice before eating unnecessary food or drinking that extra glass of wine”

Losing your excess weight and toning up your body so you can look great in shorts and strappy tops in time for summer is not going to happen overnight. It takes effort, patience, dedication and focus. But in a relatively short period of time you can make a massive difference to how you look and feel. So check out my top ten tips for a slimmer you this summer.

  1. Follow a diet
    Follow a calorie-controlled, low-fat eating plan that’s designed to help you lose weight faster. Decide which diet you fancy – either one from this magazine or my new FAB Diet, which is unbelievably effective. Clear out your fridge of high-calorie, high-fat foods so you have nothing left in there to tempt you and then make a plan of what you’re going to eat each week. Planning is crucial to your success.
  2. Get moving!
    Exercise will help you lose weight faster as well as tone you up so you avoid looking flabby once you’ve lost your unwanted lbs. The reason why all the superslimmers in this magazine look as toned as they do is totally down to the exercise they take on a very regular basis. Exercise and activity should become a habit but for that to happen, you need to find an activity you really enjoy. If you can get to one of our diet and fitness classes, please give it a try. They are the friendliest of places and everyone there will feel just like you do, so you’ll be in good company. Our classes are fun and massively motivating but, more important, they offer the two types of exercise you desperately need to make you look your best – aerobic exercise, which will burn fat and help your skin shrink back, plus toning exercises, which will give you a brilliant shape.
  3. Find an active hobby you enjoy
    Whether you fancy taking up horse riding, golf, hill walking, football or running, it really doesn’t matter. Finding a hobby that involves physical activity is golden. Discovering ice skating in my 60s has changed my life and my shape. I don’t think of my one-and-a-half hour lesson each Tuesday morning as a workout, because I love it so much, but it’s the hardest physical activity I do all week! And because I want to become a better skater, I practise a variety of exercises at home in between – and that, too, is really hard work. What drives me to do it is my desire to be a better skater, rather than the desire to be slim and fit. Doing something I love that improves my health and fitness is an extra bonus.
  4. Change your attitude to food
    I hate to have to tell you this, but if you spend every available moment drooling over recipes, talking about how much you love chocolate or how much you’re looking forward to going to that amazing restaurant on Saturday, you are going to struggle with your weight. I used to think about food all the time. As soon as I’d eaten one meal, I was already planning and looking forward to the next…and the one after that. Food was in the forefront of my mind and I paid dearly for it as I struggled with my weight for years! Thankfully, I’ve now completely changed my attitude to food and I see it purely as fuel to give me the energy to see me through the day. I never, ever thought I could change my attitude, but I did. And when I did, I reached my ideal weight. See if you can too.
  5. Cook the low fat way – always
    You will need a good non-stick frying pan or wok that you can cook most things in so you don’t need to add even a gram of fat. I never add oil, butter, lard or fat of any kind to my cooking. I spread low-fat salad cream instead of butter on my bread when making sandwiches and I spread marmalade straight onto toast. I add semi-skimmed milk rather than full fat to mashed potatoes, and I dry-fry eggs, grill my bacon and cut off any visible fat from meat before I cook it. For Sunday lunch I dry-roast my potatoes and parsnips by parboiling them in water with a vegetable stock cube for five minutes before laying them on a baking tray and roasting them at the top of the oven for 45 minutes without any fat. Cooking low fat is easy but it takes a definite decision to stop adding fat and to trust the non-stick surface of the pan to cook your food for you to feel confident enough that it can be done. Trust me, it really, really works and by cooking low fat you’ll save yourself hundreds of calories.
  6. Shop thoughtfully
    Always make a list before you go shopping – and stick to it. Don’t be tempted by special offers in the supermarket unless they are for non-food items! No matter how strong-willed you may feel, buying food that has a sell-by date on it will almost certainly lure you into temptation so you avoid wasting it.
  7. Calculate your quantities to avoid leftovers
    Carefully work out how many potatoes, carrots, broccoli and parsnips you need to cook for yourself or your family. Having lots of leftovers will only tempt you to overfill your plate, which in turn will encourage you to eat too much, particularly when it comes to desserts. If possible, always create individual portions rather than one large one that’s only open to abuse when serving yourself! It’s all so very tempting to “tidy it up” later!
  8. Measure yourself
    It’s really important to measure your progress. Take a tape measure and note all your vital statistics at the start of your slim-down campaign. Measure yourself every week and enjoy seeing those excess inches disappear. If you enrol in one of our classes or join our online programme, you will receive a free Magic Measure®, which is a hugely motivating tool, Do use it.
  9. Record what you eat and drink
    Writing down everything you eat and drink is a brilliant habit. It makes you think twice before eating unnecessary food or drinking that extra glass of wine.
  10. Weigh yourself no more than once a week
    Hopping on and off the scales is definitely unhelpful. Your body weight can vary at different times of the day as well as from day to day. Just weigh yourself at the same time and in similar clothes once a week, ideally at your class, for the most accurate reading of your progress.
    If you can commit to the all of the above, I promise you that by July or August you’ll look so different, and all the effort and hard work will have been worthwhile. Your confidence will rocket, your health will be much improved, your energy levels will be vastly different and you’ll look fabulous. So, look forward to a trimmer, happier summer this year!
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