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Rosemary Conley writes December/January edition

Christmas is here! Reflect on your year

With all the excitement, stress, pressure and expense of Christmas it can be easy to forget it’s also the end of a very special year. Rosemary reflects on 2012...

The excitement for me started with Dancing on Ice in January – an experience that will stay with me forever with such very happy memories. Then our first Grandchild was born – beautifully wonderful and healthy – bringing a joy and excitement I just hadn’t imagined. The Queen’s Jubilee filled us with such joy and admiration for an exceptional monarch who has selflessly given 60 years of her life to the Nation. The love and appreciation that was poured out to Her Majesty was palpable. And we all felt better for celebrating it with her.

Then we had the Olympics and the Paralympics in London. When we first heard the news seven years ago that London had been awarded the Olympics there was joy but also, I felt, a concern. A kind of ‘Oh crumbs! I hope we can pull it off and not make fools of ourselves!’ Well, we needn’t have worried! It was the best organised and most successful Olympics of all time and we all glowed with pride at such a magnificent success! The Olympics put the pride back into our wonderful Nation and a big WELL DONE is due to Lord Seb Coe and his team! Fabulous!

But most of all it was a massive ‘WELL DONE’ to the Olympians. The training, the dedication, the discipline, the sheer guts and determination to get to the top of their sport was just mind-blowing – with more medals won than ever before. And then the Paralympians! What absolute heroes who, despite massive disabilities and disadvantages, overcame their restrictions and found their strengths. They blew us away with their courage and determination. The whole London 2012 Olympic experience was awesome and we were all left inspired and utterly proud to be British!

And what have you achieved this year? Are you fitter than this time last year? Are you slimmer? How different is your dress size this Christmas compared to last year? Do you feel healthier now than you did a year ago? Congratulate yourself on any success you have achieved and enjoy your progress.

But maybe this hasn’t been your year. Maybe you haven’t lost weight or take a smaller dress size. As one of our dieters, Amy, wrote to me ‘I cannot believe how dedicated and focussed those Olympic athletes must have been through their years of training – and yet I cannot seem to stay focussed for more than a few days on my diet. I feel I have let myself down, you and everyone else who is supporting me. Why do I do this to myself?’

And Amy is not alone. We are so slow to praise our efforts and super-quick at self-criticism. ‘Oh, I am so hopeless. I am just meant to be fat!’ is not an uncommon exclamation. I have said it myself. But we should get everything into perspective and try to understand why we want to lose weight in the first place. Then, as we approach a new year and a new start we need to get our head sorted so we are ready for January 1st and let next year the year we get Gold!

Here are my ten tips for a happy Christmas as well as preparing for a new you in the New Year:

  1. Start anticipating your January slim-down campaign now and avoid being left with any high-fat foods in your freezer, fridge, pantry or cupboards. Start using them up and don’t replace them when they run out.
  2. Plan your Christmas menu for the whole of the Christmas break right up to the New Year.
  3. Avoid over-buying for Christmas. Make a list of all your shopping needs and stick to it.
  4. Decide what physical activities you might take up in January. Cycling, skating, dancing, aerobics, hill-walking are possibilities and they all need kit. Why not add those items to your Christmas Present List?
  5. Start getting into training by undertaking some gentle activities in preparation for January. Going for a brisk walk, running up and down stairs a few times consecutively, kicking around a football with the family all help to get our heart pumping and help us to get fitter.
  6. If you have a party or celebration involving a lot of food, send your guests home with food parcels so you are not left with mountains of left-overs. We hate throwing food away so get rid of it before it tempts you to indulge!
  7. After the festivities, remember to take your unopened boxes of chocolates and sweets to your local hospice or charity shop where they can either give them to the patients or use them as raffle prizes to raise much needed funds.
  8. If you don’t already attend, make enquiries as to your where is your nearest Rosemary Conley Class or, if we don’t have one near you, register with our Online Team at It is really positive for your state of mind that you are all ready for January. Preparation and anticipation is very important and January is the very best time to make that clean start.
  9. Enjoy the celebrations and excitement of Christmas. It is a great time to meet up with all the family and relax with friends. No one expects you to lose weight at this time. Just try and balance the over-indulgence with a bit more activity to minimise the damage.
  10. Let 2013 be a fantastic year for you. Look forward to success and accomplishment, fitness and happiness as you grasp life with both hands and start living it to the full. Being fit, slim and healthy is priceless – and you can win that Gold Medal if you want it badly enough. Unlike the Olympics, there isn’t a limit – we can all have one!

Happy Christmas!

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