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Rosemary Conley writes March edition

You are baby steps away from a new you

Whether we are starting a business, studying for a degree or embarking on a weight-loss campaign, the secret to long-term success is to take baby steps rather than giant leaps towards your goal.

“You have progressed over a period of time into a state of unfitness and overweight and the only person in the universe who can change that is you”

You will probably have read the amazingly inspirational stories behind this year’s Slimmers of the Year and from their recollections you will have realised that on one day in their lives ‘something happened’ to make them take that decisive step to lose their excess weight. Usually that ‘event’ was a horrible moment when something awful happened to them, or someone made a cutting comment, that really, really cut deep. It really struck a nerve and it hurt terribly. At the time they were devastated but looking back, that event or unkind comment was actually what they needed to jolt them into action. In retrospect they are now truly grateful for what happened.

For Sharon it was the elderly man on the bus who refused to sit down when offered a seat loudly exclaiming ‘not next to that fat woman’. That comment led to Sharon losing 10st and getting her life back!

It was Katie’s dress splitting at a party that was the trigger to her going on to lose 9st. When Holly’s trousers embarrassingly burst open at work, it felt like the end of the world but it resulted in Holly and her mum joining forces in a campaign to lose 15st between them.

For Laura it was her two-year-old little boy who pleaded for her to take him and his baby brother out as she had become something of a recluse after two difficult births, a massive weight gain and mobility problems. When Laura considered reaching for the phone to call social services because she felt her boys would have a better life with a foster mother, she realised she needed to take action herself. She then lost 11st in 9 months to begin a new life. When Laura came for her photoshoot she handed me two cards from the boys (aged 2 and 3). The words read ‘Thank you so, so much for making my mummy a ‘yummy mummy’ and changing our lives!’ and the other one said, ‘Thank you..... You’ve made us a very happy family.’ I will keep those cards forever!

So, you have two options. You can wait for that dramatic, embarrassing, heartbreaking moment that triggers your decision to lose weight and get fitter, or you can act right now.

Start living, laughing and being lighter!

Losing weight takes time, just as it has taken time to gain it. But starting immediately with the FAB Diet and starting with small steps toward being more active, you will transform your life just as it has in these amazing success stories. You are not the only person in the world who is overweight. You are not mentally deranged or stupid. You have progressed over a period of time into a state of unfitness and overweight and the only person in the universe who can change that is you. No one can do it for you and there are no short cuts. Yes, it is about long term lifestyle change but instead of thinking that means deprivation, discipline and disappointment think of it more as an opportunity to start living, laughing and being lighter!

If there is one comment that was made by all of our Slimmers of the Year it is that when you are slim ‘life is so easy’! You don’t have to struggle to climb the stairs, get in and out of the bath, go through a turnstile, sit in a chair or fly in an aeroplane. You can find clothes that fit and make you look lovely. People take notice of your opinion instead of you being invisible. You become a normal person.

But much more than that, you will add years and years to your life. Your quality of health will be transformed and your body will be able to function as it should with lower blood pressure, normal cholesterol, no Type 2 diabetes as well as reduced risk of a variety of cancers and of course heart disease. Your joints will have a much better chance of carrying you into old age and you will hopefully be able to be independent and fully capable of caring for yourself for many, many years to come.

Take small steps to make a big change

You may have a big mountain to climb with your weight loss challenge but it really is worth the effort. Think about which small steps you can take towards a healthier and happier life. Start by clearing out any foods or treats that might tempt you. Decide on a plan of action. If we have one of our classes in your vicinity, I strongly recommend you go along. There is no better place to go for compassionate, empathetic, educated and kind support where no-one is ever made to feel embarrassed. Our franchisees are really special people who genuinely want to help you transform your life. Remember, our Slimmers of the Year didn’t do it on their own. Their instructor and the members of their classes supported them on their journey until they reached their goal. It worked for them and it can for you.

And when all of our amazing super-slimmers embarked on their weight loss journey, they were asked to take tiny steps such as ‘lose 7lb’ or ‘lose a stone’ by their class instructor or Online Coach. It would not have been ‘Well, let’s start off by losing 4st!’.

Taking small steps really is the key to achieving any goal that you have in your life. When you do achieve it and you reach the top of your mountain, the view is priceless! Just do it!

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