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How Gail lost 9st in 9 months

Our Slimmer of the Year, Gail Potts, lost an average of a stone a month for nine months. It’s a great achievement, especially as some dieters struggle to lose 1-2lb a week. Here’s how she did it…

Rosemary Writes March 2006

It was exactly a year ago this month that Gail, weighing 19st 1lb, was sitting up in bed, reading for the umpteenth time the inspirational story of our 2005 Slimmer of the Year, Gemma Wiggins. She marvelled at how Gemma had lost 10st 2lb in just over a year and transformed into a beautiful and slender young woman. Gail, then 33 and morbidly obese, realised that she was wasting her life. She had a wonderful husband and beautiful little boy, yet she felt unfit, unattractive and had no confidence – like so many people who struggle with their weight. She decided to act, phoned her local Rosemary Conley franchisee, Claire Brown, and went to her first class the same week. Gail transformed her eating habits from being a chocoholic, high-fat diet junkie to a calorie-counting, low-fat eater. She went from being totally inactive to becoming a regular exerciser.

Fuel-burning factory

The fat fell off and every week Gail was rewarded with encouragement from the scales. Gail’s rate of weight loss – 9st in nine months plus a few more pounds besides – is a dream for any dieter. She did it by sticking religiously to her calorie allowance and burning lots of extra calories by doing a significant amount of exercise. Gail turned her body around from being a fat-storing warehouse into a highly efficient, fuel-burning energy factory. For years, Gail had followed a fatty diet from which her body struggled to find the nutrients it needed. The high fat content meant she laid down lots of fat stores around her body. When Gail went on my diet, she did two things – she stopped overeating and started having healthy food that fed her body quality nutrients and gave it a huge tonic. Once the right fuel was being fed to her body, it started functioning more efficiently. The calorie allowance given to Gail was based on the number of calories her body would have spent if she had laid in bed all day, yet sufficient to enable her body to function fully and healthily. This meant that every active calorie she burned – from doing her daily activities to going to a class – was drawn from fat. In other words, she was eating 1770 calories a day but spending many, many more through exercise! The result was fast, efficient, continuous weight loss.


Throughout her dieting campaign, Gail meticulously counted her calories and stuck to her daily allowance. As she became smaller, her allowance was reduced slightly to enable her to progress her weight loss. But it was Gail’s dedication to her fitness regime that paid particularly valuable dividends – it changed the composition of her body physiologically. She not only reduced the amount of fat stored in her body but she also increased the size and effectiveness of her muscles. Fat can only be burned in our muscles and, the fitter and stronger they become, the easier it is for the body to burn fat. By eating a low-fat, calorie-controlled diet and taking regular aerobic exercise, Gail turned her body ‘engine’ from the equivalent of a 1.6 litre capacity to a 3.6 litre one! She made it easier for her body to burn fat! Gail is now so fit she will find it easy to maintain her weight loss, providing she keeps to a healthy, low-fat lifestyle.

Fitness plan

From the start, Gail worked out at her Rosemary Conley class every week, and that gave her 30 minutes of aerobics and 15 minutes of body toning. In addition, she also swam and worked out to my Fat Attack video once a week. Over the next few months she built up her fitness until she could do 35 lengths in the pool. At this point she was 4st lighter and joined her local gym. Three times a week Gail would spend an hour on the cardio-vascular equipment – e.g. 15 minutes each on the cross-trainer, stepper, recumbent bike and the mountain programme on the treadmill – burning fat and increasing her fitness level. Once or twice a week she would add some strength and toning exercises, working her legs, abs and arms, and this significantly increased her muscle mass, increasing her metabolic rate and helping her to be a better fat-burner all the time, not just when she was exercising.

Shrinking skin

When we perform aerobic exercise we are forced to breathe more deeply as our lungs demand extra oxygen. The heart beats faster and pumps more blood around the body, carrying oxygen to where it is needed. The good news is that the oxygen is also getting to the surface of the skin as well as to the muscles. This makes the skin healthier and much more able to contract and shrink as the fat under it reduces. With the amount of exercise that Gail was doing, her skin just shrank back as the weight dropped off, leaving her with a wonderfully toned body. If you are reading this and wonder whether this time next year it could be you who is slim and fit, only you have the answer. But we are here to help you every step of the way, so let us try!

Gail’s record of weight loss

Daily Week Pounds
Calorie No. Lost
1200 1 8lb
1200 2 4lb
1770 3 4lb
1770 4 2lb
1770 5 5lb
1770 6 4lb
1770 7 no class
1770 8 8lb
1770 9 5lb
1770 10 3lb
1770 11 3lb
1770 12 3lb
1600 13 6lb
1600 14 3lb
1600 15 3lb
1600 16 2lb
1600 17 3lb
1600 18 3lb
1600 19 6lb
1600 20 2lb
1600 21 2lb
1500 22 3lb
1500 23 3lb
1500 24 4lb
1500 25 3lb
1500 26 3lb
1500 27 2lb
1500 28 no class
1500 29 9lb
1500 30 & 31 holiday
1500 32 1lb
1450 33 4lb
1450 34 2lb
1450 35 4lb
1450 36 2lb
1450 37 2lb
1450 38 3lb
1450 39 2lb
1450 40 1lb
1450 41 4lb
1450 42 0lb
1450 43 3lb
1450 44 1lb

Gail’s starting weight 19st 1lb 
Total weight loss 9st 9lb 
Gail’s weight today 9st 6lb 
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