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10 top tips to stick to your resolutions

If your good intentions are starting to slip, you may need some extra encouragement. Try these 10 tips to help you stay motivated all year round

If you started your diet and fitness campaign in the new year, then you may find your progress is starting to slow down. It can be all too easy to throw in the towel, but stick with it as stopping now could ruin all your hard work. These ideas should help you keep up the momentum...

1 When you started your slim down plan on 1 January I have no doubt you weighed and measured everything you ate meticulously. You made shopping lists, menu plans, and worked out a fitness programme – and stuck to it – with a highly motivating result that you lost loads of weight and you are thrilled. But now you are in danger of thinking this is so easy you may find yourself relaxing into guessing portion control, not bothering to menu plan and shopping from memory. That’s dangerous so keep up the planning, listing, and measuring ALL THE TIME. If you do you will continue to lose weight at a staggering rate - but only IF YOU DON’T CHEAT!

2 Your body is becoming fitter and exercise should be getting easier to do. In fact it is extremely exciting to see how fast we can get fitter so start taking some measurements. Test your ‘resting’ pulse rate before you workout and note it down. Take it again at the end of your workout and time how long it takes to get your pulse rate back to its resting rate that you started with. As you become fitter, it will take less time to recover. Write it down and be encouraged. The shorter the time it takes to recover, the fitter you are.

3 Use your Magic Measure®. It only takes a few minutes once a week so be sure to measure yourself regularly at the same time each week. Move those little removable tags along and appreciate with your eyes the inches you are losing since you clipped on those ‘start’ tags at the beginning of your weight loss. Please do it every week.

4 Set yourself some distance targets. If you are walking around the block, time it the first time you go. Try and beat that time next time or go further in the same time. You’ll be so encouraged when you realise how easy it is to increase your fitness level.

5 Now on to food. It’s the cheating that’s the killer for any diet. Just don’t do it. Once you have made the decision that you’re not going to eat that chocolate mid morning or that packet of crisps, the habit disappears and honestly it gets easier. If you consistently say ‘no’ to folk offering you snacks, they will give up trying to tempt you, but while you waiver, they’ll keep on trying!

6 Alcohol is the other big temptation. It’s rather like a game of ‘snakes and ladders’ where chocolate and alcohol are the ‘snakes’ to cause weight gain and exercise and healthy eating are the ‘ladders’ toward weight loss! Alcohol gives us lots of calories, yet little nutritional value and it can reduce our willpower and enhance our appetite. So, treat it with respect and keep to your calorie allowance by using your ‘treat’ calories and you will still see great weight-loss progress.

7 Use your Portion Pots®. Let them become part of your everyday utensils along with your slotted spoon and kitchen knives. They will help you keep to your calorie allowance, which is vital if you want to see fast weight loss.

8 Set yourself fitness targets. Try doing press ups. If full press ups are too tough, try easier ones with knees bent under your hips, then gradually move your knees further and further away until you can do a full press up! Practise them every other day and you’ll be amazed how many more you can do

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