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How to get a beautiful beach body

There’s nothing like a forthcoming holiday to sharpen our willpower to enable us to slim down and tone up in time for the beach - so capture that motivation and use it to full advantage.

We all need a reason to lose weight and get fitter, and a holiday gives us a great goal. Looking forward to a long-awaited, hard-earned holiday is very motivating. Swimming, sunbathing, playing on the beach or even enjoying an evening cocktail by the pool will see us wearing clothes that expose more of our bodies than usual. The prospect of revealing cellulite-laden thighs, flabby arms, a bulging tummy and a sagging backside is pretty scary so we need to do something about it – fast! And now’s the perfect time to start. So follow these six simple rules and see yourself succeeding:

  1. Decide on your diet

    If you want to lose weight, you’ll need to follow a low-fat, calorie-controlled eating plan. You could use the one in this magazine (see page 21) or follow my Amazing Inch Loss Plan, a carefully formulated 28-day action plan on which you could lose a stone in a month, as proven by my trial dieters, and this would give you the perfect platform for launching your holiday slim down campaign.

  2. Make a plan

    Once you've decided on a holiday date, keep it at the front of your mind. Work out how many weeks you have before you depart and, on the basis of a reasonable weight loss of 1-2lb a week (after you have completed the first month if you are following my Amazing Inch Loss Plan), calculate how much weight you could lose before you go away. Write down your target weight loss for each week on a calendar, or plot it on a graph in a coloured line and then, using a different colour, draw in your actual weight loss each week and see how you are faring. Are you on target? What will you have to do to achieve your goal? How much exercise can you fit in to your daily/weekly schedule? Try your absolute hardest to stick to your plan.

  3. Be realistic

    If you find you’re falling behind on your progress, don’t panic or try to starve yourself, but just revise your weight-loss goal to a more modest, but achievable level. It’s OK to do this. Don’t beat yourself up because you were overly optimistic at the start - if you don’t revise your goal, you may assume it’s hopeless and throw in the towel! Please don’t do that - there’s a lovely holiday coming soon!

  4. Exercise is key

    As well as following a weight-loss diet, it’s crucial to take regular exercise. Aerobic exercise will not only burn fat and speed up your weight loss but also help your skin to shrink back as you slim down, while toning exercises will firm up your muscles and give you a vastly improved figure. It’s really important that you do both types, and my Real Results DVD and the workouts at our classes deliver aerobic and toning workouts that will produce brilliant results.

  5. Focus on fashion

    Planning a holiday wardrobe is always exciting and part of the whole holiday experience. Look around the shops and anticipate what clothes you might buy when you have slimmed down. If you see an outfit you absolutely adore, buy it in a smaller size so it acts as an added incentive for you to stay focused. Imagine the joy of slipping it on and finding it fits very comfortably!

  6. Use your slimming tools

    Use the aids that you already have - my Portion Pots®, Magic Measure®, pedometer – anything that will help you stay on track and keep your motivation high. Don’t make excuses - get started NOW!

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