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Rosemary Conley has welcomed in 2014 with a bang, by unveiling an exciting new image and direction for the entire brand!

Spring clean yourself

Spring cleaning is one of those jobs we dread, but we feel great when it’s done. So, why not spring clean your clutter and get yourself on course for a slim and slender summer?

I wonder how many un-used fitness gadgets are cluttering up your cupboards or how many pills and potions, creams and concoctions are lurking in your bathroom drawers and cabinet? Those must-have gadgets that you bought that seemed such a good idea at the time and those creams that promised to make your cellulite disappear but didn’t are cluttering up our shelves, drawers and cupboards and only remind us of disappointment. If they really worked, you would be using them every day now. If you’re not, then now is the time to get rid of them and start afresh.

So, where shall we begin?

The bathroom/medicine cabinet

Check out the expiry date of any meds you have in your medical cupboard. You can take any unused medication to your local chemist where they will dispose of them safely. If you have any supplements that promised you a sylphlike body but didn’t deliver, chuck them out. Don’t waste the shelf space. Fat reducing creams, rubs, tonics and whatever else that you spent good money on but don’t use – get rid of it. No cream on earth will melt away fat. If there were such a miracle cure, we would all be buying it by the bucketful! It’s time to be strong and resolute!

Electrical massagers, fat-dissolvers and toners

I’m not against Slendertone or similar devices but if you’ve not used yours for 10 years it’s time to part company. I once (30 years ago), bought a rope of round wooden balls which promised to melt away my cellulite when I ran the rope up and down my thighs. It didn’t work. It’s gone. Then there was the electric massager that you held against your thighs and ran up and down your leg as it vibrated your cellulite away. That didn’t work either. It’s gone too! I never did invest in the long, granny-type plastic knickers that we were told 40 years ago, that if we wore them in bed we would sweat our fat away. I can only imagine what that was like! So, go on, be bold and throw out anything you’ve not used nor are ever likely to. And a tip here, I suggest you don’t send them to the local village fete’s White Elephant Stall as folk might just ask where they came from!

The Wardrobe

Always keep at least one item of clothing that fitted you at your fattest. This is important to remind you of how much progress you have made. Any other clothes that you are determined not to wear again because you are never again going to be a size 16/18/22 or whatever, then bag them up and take them to a charity shop. You will need space in your wardrobe as you will soon be buying new clothes for your new slim and slender, fit and fabulous body. If you have a way to go to your goal weight, cast your eye over the clothes in the charity shop to tide you over. It can be a great place to pick up real bargains.

Fitness Videos and DVDs

It may be that you don’t even own a video player any more but even if you do, just thumb through your fitness video collection and relieve yourself of any of them that are more than 15 years old. If you have any of my videos, please discard any that were produced pre 1994. At least I was a qualified exercise teacher from 1991 and I had a fitness consultant overseeing what I did but few other presenters were qualified or had professional guidance. So, unless it is a real favourite, now is the time to be bold and courageous and chuck them out. And if you have a fitness video or DVD unopened, either give it a try or send it to the Village Fete!

Diet Books

We’ve all got them - weird and wonderful creations from across the pond and lots of home grown ones too. Dieting has (hopefully) become a bit more sensible now with a general acknowledgement that if you want to lose weight we need to eat less and do more and that there is no magic formula that makes it any easier now than it was 30 years ago. Any book that you have had for more than a couple of years, unless it is one you swear by, is probably never going to be read so why not slim down your book case? Village fete book stall, here we come!


The store cupboard is exactly that – a place where we store stuff. I wonder how many items in there are past their best-before date? I find it is herbs and spices that are the worst offenders because we don’t use them very often but when we are creating that wonderful recipe that has tantalised our taste buds into action, finding the ground cinnamon or mixed spice on the spice rack is a massive relief until you see the ‘BB Sept 1981’ on the lid! So, whether it’s Tabasco sauce, white wine vinegar or dried lentils, check out the expiry date and have a clear out. Might you not find anything more exciting than that, like a box of chocolates or a packet of biscuits? Don’t be silly. If it tasted nice we’d have eaten it!

The freezer

A cold and miserable job that offers time-pressure too, I know, but emptying your deep-freeze and discarding the last bit of turkey from Christmas 2009 is a really worthwhile job. I always use a dustpan to scoop out the snow and frost that accumulates in our chest freezer and have all my equipment at the ready before I start. Warm soapy water, cloths for wiping down, black bin bag for the old stuff to be discarded, and so on. It is, however, one of the most rewarding of jobs once you’ve done it and it will make your life significantly easier for the next several months when you come to store stuff, and save you money when you realise how much food you already have in the house.

The fridge

Butter is the thing that I have to throw out as I only buy it when we have house guests as we don’t eat it ourselves. Half eaten jars of marmalade, jam, sweet pouring sauce (raspberry, maple syrup, chocolate (it was free from M&S one week!) are there staring at me every time I open our fridge door. I know we hate waste and yes we do have to remember the starving millions but hoarding stuff that is out of date is ridiculous. In these days of tightening our belts (in every sense of the word) we should be more careful not to buy more than we actually need.

Apart from the extra calories you will have burned in spring cleaning your wardrobe, cupboards and drawers, you will feel so refreshed and ‘tidy’ and more ‘in control’. While we don’t know exactly what we have and where it is, it adds ‘fog’ to our minds. Once this spring cleaning is done, we are better set to get on with the task in hand – getting slim and fit for summer. Enjoy it!

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