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Get the feel-good factor and enjoy food, fitness and fun

If you’ve worked hard to lose your excess weight and get fitter, you’ve got plenty to celebrate this Christmas.

The run-up to Christmas is a busy time of the year for us all and that’s good for anyone who’s trying to lose weight. There’s less time to sit in front of the TV so we burn more calories. Even writing cards takes more energy than watching telly, and you’re less likely to nibble if you’re busy!

Hopefully, you’ll be slimmer and fitter than you were this time last year. Enjoy looking for a smaller dress for your parties and accept that you feel fitter and healthier than a year ago. Whether you have achieved your goal or made some steps towards it, you’ve got something to celebrate!

You should have more confidence than you did 12 months ago, so be bold and make your wishes known. This is how:

  1. Make a list of the presents you want this Christmas. Men aren’t too receptive to hints, so tell your man direct: “If you want to know what I want, this dress/ jewellery/spa day is what I’d really like.” Leaving a brochure around as a hint is a waste of time. They want to make us happy. We want to be happy, so tell him! That way, everybody wins!
  2. Plan to do an activity this Christmas that you couldn’t do a year ago – ice skating, football, swimming... something to celebrate your new confidence and improved fitness.
  3. One day over the holiday, shock your family by wearing an item of clothing that fitted you this time last year! It should hang off you and remind the family – and you – how far you’ve come in 12 months!
  4. Dig out home videos from last Christmas to see how much you’ve changed. Take new footage this Christmas to look at next year! We’re looking for successful slimmers with video clips of them at their heaviest to show on so, when you reach your goal, send us your “before” pictures and film and an up-to-date photograph of yourself.
  5. List your ambitions for the new year. Is there something you are aiming to wear for the first time in years – a bikini or slinky dress? Is there somewhere you’d like to visit? Focus on it and plan to achieve it.
  6. Think of five ways you feel better after losing weight. Write them down and date them. Add more all year, eg, “Knees don’t hurt.”
  7. Make another list. Jot down 10 activities you aim to do over the holiday. Go for a Christmas walk, swim, use your Wii Fit. If you achieve only eight, it’s eight more than if you hadn’t planned.
  8. Encourage the whole family to become fitter and think of “active” presents to give them that will get them moving more – such as a football, skipping rope, Frisbee, pedometer, trainers or fitness wear.
  9. Get a dog. Now, I’m not recommending irresponsible pet ownership but, if you have the right sort of home and lifestyle, owning a dog is a brilliant way to lose weight, get fitter and improve the health of all the family, as a dog provides a real reason to go for regular walks. And the love they give back to you is priceless. But remember, a dog isn’t just for Christmas...
  10. Celebrate on Christmas Day by eating as much as you want of your Christmas lunch or dinner. Relax and enjoy a drink – you deserve it.

Happy Christmas!

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