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Hit the right balance

Get the ideal mix of work and life – and still make time to eat healthily and exercise to slim down

Losing weight on a calorie-controlled diet can be hard work. We have to plan our shopping, rethink how we cook food, avoid buying treats that could lead us astray and even perhaps cook for others who are not trying to slim down.

We go to work, give our best to our job and juggle those everyday challenges that just creep uninvited into our lives. Challenges such as the washing machine breaking down, or the dog goes lame and needs to go to the vet and your son HAS to have that special football shirt washed and ironed ready for Saturday. And then your husband says he wishes you could spend more time together.

Getting the balance right isn’t always easy – and being overweight and unfit makes living and coping with it all so much harder.

Yet we DO have the choice to make some changes to our daily lifestyle that will enable us to lose weight and get fitter without having to find extra time in our already busy routine.

Here are 10 easy ways to help you lose weight and become fitter just by making some simple choices throughout your regular day.

  1. LEARN TO SAY NO! Every day we are tempted to eat “extras” – a cake on someone’s birthday or the last biscuit in the packet. But if we eat just one chocolate digestive biscuit every day on top of our normal maintenance calorie allowance, we will gain 12lb in a year! Just don’t go there.
  2. PLAN AHEAD! While planning a week’s menu and then making a shopping list takes time and discipline, it will save you time, money and stress overall. Knowing what you are going to cook each evening will save you buying lots of extra food “just in case”. Because we are always in a rush, we are tempted by special offers in the supermarket and end up with lots of food we just don’t need – then we’re tempted to eat it rather than waste it! So, take your shopping list with you and stick to it.
  3. CUT PORTION SIZE Overweight people eat bigger portions than slim folk. Fact. Trials have proved that when overweight people are given a measured portion of food and asked to estimate how much they have been fed, they underestimate by 25 to 30 per cent. When slim people are asked to do the same, they are accurate. Want further proof? When we organise our roadshows, we have to ask the caterers to supply extra food per head. “Strange,” they think. “Aren’t these folk trying to slim?” But if we don’t, we run out of food! So cut down your portion sizes and you will probably be eating a “normal” one instead of a “super-sized” portion!
  4. DINE CAREFULLY It is always a treat to dine out, but it is the dieter’s lion’s den. The way to cope is to restrict the number of occasions you eat out, plan for it and choose wisely when you get there. I usually skip the starter, choose fish for the main course and always have the dessert of my choice, but I never add butter to my bread roll or cream to my pudding.
  5. GET MOVING Be more active in your everyday life. Park your car further away from your destination so you have to walk more. Take the stairs more. Go for a jog in your lunch break, or take a rope and skip for 5 minutes every day. It is terrific exercise.
  6. STOP SNACKING Apart from a power snack of a small piece of fruit mid-morning and mid-afternoon, try to avoid all other snacks. Stopping snacking is one of the most significant things you can do to help your weight-loss progress. If I’m hungry and fancy something to eat, I just tell myself it won’t be long until lunch – and I wait. It is a choice I make because I want to be slim. We all have that choice and we need to realise the HUGE benefits to our health if we are slim and fit.
  7. HAVE A GOAL We all need something to look forward to that will help us to stay focused. Without goals, we cannot expect to find the motivation to be disciplined about what we eat or to make the effort to exercise. Pick a future event where you will want to look your best, such as the office Christmas party, something to give you a deadline for losing your excess weight, and when you reach it, reward yourself.
  8. SMALL CHANGES To be successful, you will have to make some lifestyle changes – such as drinking less wine, or not eating chips so often. Make a list and then try to change just one at a time. If you have sugar in your tea, cut it down by half. Add all these changes up and they will make a big difference to your fat and calorie intake.
  9. PALLY UP If you tell your friends that you are trying to lose weight and get fitter, they should encourage you. So many people need to shed their excesses, they will probably want to join in! Try going along to one of our classes with a friend and encourage each other to lose weight. There is nothing like a bit of healthy competition to focus the mind!
  10. KEEP RECORDS Weigh and measure yourself weekly and write the details down. It is easy to forget the efforts we have made, but we need to keep those facts to hand to remind us of our progress when the going gets tough. We didn’t become overweight overnight and our excess weight won’t disappear that fast, either, but with a lot of small, achievable steps we can transform our health, our figure and our confidence.

“If we eat just one chocolate digestive every day on top of our normal maintenance calorie allowance, we will gain 12lb in a year!”

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