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We all know we should be eating our 5-a-day,
but how many of us are doing our 5-a-week?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was one thing we could do to lower our cholesterol and blood pressure, halve our risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes and protect us against cancers and conditions like arthritis, depression and asthma? Well, there is. It’s exercise!

We often complain we don’t have time for physical activity and yet in Britain we watch an average of 27 hours a week of television – that’s almost four hours a day! But when we hear the Department of Health’s recommendations that we should take 30 minutes of exercise five times a week, it just seems too much to fit in – and I can understand that.

We all lead busy lives but I believe that most of us have a “will” to exercise and we understand it’s good for us. The problem is doing it, because we just can’t seem to find 30 minutes, five times a week. However, there is a quicker and easier way to achieve the same benefits.

Counting the benefits

If you choose a more energetic form of exercise such as jogging, cycling, aerobics, skipping, you don’t have to do it for 30 minutes five times a week to see equivalent benefits. So, jogging for 14 minutes or skipping with a rope for 8 minutes is just as beneficial to your health as a half-hour walk. If you go to a Rosemary Conley class, your 45 minutes of aerobic exercise equals one hour of brisk walking – so that would count as two of your 5-a-week.

Once we realise our “activity” sessions don’t have to be 30 minutes in duration, and they don’t have to be done on five separate days, the goal of achieving our 5-a-week target becomes infinitely more do-able.

Sample action plan

The following is just one example of how to do your 5-a-week. This is totally achievable even in the busiest of lives.
Monday 14 mins of jogging or rowing on a machine = 1
Tuesday 45 mins of aerobics (class or DVD) = 2
Thursday 30 mins of general housework = 1
Sunday 30 mins leisurely family walk = 1
TOTAL = 5 in a week!

How I get my 5-A-Week

Whenever I do interviews, I’m nearly always asked how much I work out each day. As I’m slim and reasonably fit people assume I must be sweating it out in the gym for two hours a day. But nothing could be further from the truth!

Until recently, my weekly fitness routine went something like this: a good walk (around three miles) with Waise (my dog) at the weekend – that’s equivalent to two of my 5-a-week sessions; then teaching two classes on a Monday evening – which, together, involves up to one hour of aerobics – notched up another two of my 5-a-week; and finally, I aimed to fit in one more activity, maybe working out to one of my DVDs or rowing on a machine for 15 minutes.

And that was it, until two bouncing black Labrador pups arrived on the scene! I now walk them around our garden every morning, to encourage outdoor toilet training. Not only does it allow them to burn off some of their boundless energy, it gets me moving. I’m out with them for around 30 minutes and even though the walk is more of an amble rather than a brisk one, I have enjoyed amazing health benefits and have never felt so fit. It’s fantastic!

Tot up your target

The 5-a-week exercise target is all about moving more and elevating our heart rate for a while on a regular basis so our heart becomes stronger and fitter. Alongside the benefits to our heart, lungs, muscles, joints, bones and organs and our mind, the health gains from the increased blood supply circulating around our body are huge. The key to success is doing a form of exercise you enjoy. Plan ahead what you want to do and involve the family. You’ll be amazed how quickly you feel healthier and how your weight loss speeds up!

5-A-Week Activities

Here’s a breakdown of some of the activities you could easily fit in to your lifestyle. Each activity is equivalent to one session.

Try to fit five sessions in your week to hit your target:
Skipping with rope 8 mins
Cross country skiing 10 mins
Cycling (at 13mph) 10 mins
Snow shovelling 10 mins
Swimming (at 50m per min pace) 10 mins
Squash 12 mins
Football 14 mins
Hockey 14 mins
Jogging (at 5 mph) 14 mins
Rowing machine 14 mins
Badminton 15 mins
Hiking 15 mins
Ice skating 15 mins
Stair climbing 15 mins
Step aerobics (6-inch step) 15 mins
Tennis (singles) 15 mins
Cycling (at 10mph) 17 mins
Swimming (at 25m per min pace) 18 mins
Aerobic/Salsa dancing (low impact) 20 mins
Aqua aerobics 20 mins
Gardening (heavy) 20 mins
Tennis (doubles) 20 mins
Waxing car 20 mins
Ballroom dancing 25 mins
Golf (walking, pulling clubs) 25 mins
Table tennis 25 mins
Tai chi 25 mins
Bowling 30 mins
Gardening (moderate) 30 mins
Hand washing the car 30 mins
Mopping floor 30 mins
Vacuuming 30 mins
Walking (3mph pace) 30 mins
Window cleaning 30 mins

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