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Rosemary Conley writes September edition

Rosemary shares her top ten tips to help you reach your weight-loss goals.

What is the most important factor in achieving our weight loss goals? Motivation? Willpower? Being in the ‘zone’? here are my ten tips to finding the magic combination to unlock the key to your success.

  1. GOALS – We know that having a goal motivates us but how do we decide what we really want and what our goals are? i suggest you write down the three things you hate about being overweight and unfit. Committing it to paper is a really positive move as it enables us to focus on the reasons why we need to slim down and shape up. Next, list the three greatest benefits you think you will enjoy when you succeed. By focussing on why you want to slim down and the positive effect it will have on your life is really important. Visualise being there and get excited at the prospect. it is within your grasp.
  2. PLANNING – As the saying goes, ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’ and it’s true. Planning your menu for the week; creating your shopping list accordingly; planning what activities you want to do this week; who you will exercise with and when and for how long... will set you on the right track. Write your plans down and follow them. Check your lists at the end of the week and tick off all the things you did. Every tick represents a goal achieved and there is something really rewarding about achieving goals, no matter how small.
  3. PERSEVERANCE – We may be high on willpower on Monday morning, but by thursday it may be waning and we need to be prepared if we falter. so, if you find yourself craving your favourite treat, say a Magnum, consider how badly you really want it. if you are desperate you may be better to eat it and then to stop, having satisfied your craving. and if you do, don’t beat yourself up! Just carry on as if nothing has happened and try and do a little extra exercise to compensate. What often happens is we try and put off the craving by substituting the ‘ultimate indulgence’ with some lesser­calorie-fat-sugar-containing treat that we hope will do the trick. sadly it rarely does and we end up eating more and more ‘substitute’ treats before finally giving in to the star prize – the Magnum. But it doesn’t stop there! in our head we feel we have totally fallen off the wagon so we might as well abandon the diet all together because we are a failure. No you are not. You are human! if you had eaten the Magnum in the first place none of this would have happened! if it has happened, eat your next meal as planned, and get back on track tomorrow. stick to your diet and do some extra exercise and hopefully in a few days you will have undone the damage.
  4. BE OPTIMISTIC – Think of yourself as succeeding towards your goals. Avoid negative self-talk but instead speak to yourself positively. ‘I know I will reach my goal and then I can wear the clothes I love.’ ‘I know I had a bit of a glitch last week but I’m back on track now and I know I will get there’. ‘I am feeling better already and my waist band is much looser ‘. Just flick that switch in your brain to be more positive.
  5. FIND SUPPORT – if you go to one of our classes or are one of our online members you will be around others who support and encourage you. Research has proven that that this is the most effective way to lose weight. if you are unable to join in a group, look for a dieting/fitness buddy who you can exercise with, who you can encourage and be encouraged by, and share the ups and downs of your journey to a healthier body.
  6. MEASURE YOUR SUCCESS – Weigh yourself once a week and measure yourself at the same time. If you have my Magic Measure® please use it diligently. It is the most motivating tool designed to illustrate your inch-loss progress. Wear a pedometer to encourage you to take more steps every day. Use your Portion Pots® to measure your food portions (I use mine all the time). Have a look at our website (www. to find out more about these inexpensive aids to help you achieve success. We also have some amazing new Nutritional Scales that weigh your food and tell you how many calories, how much salt, cholesterol, carbohydrate and fat it contains too. They are ideal for diabetics.
  7. REWARD YOURSELF – Reward yourself after achieving each goal whether it be losing a stone, dropping a dress size or going into the next weight category (say, going from 13st something to 12st something). Whether your reward be a new pair of shoes, a bunch of flowers or treating your family to a fun night out, make it special and recognise your achievement.
  8. RECOGNITION – We all enjoy recognition for our achievements and being presented with a Certificate of Weight Loss in our classes is really special. In our Online Club we send award certificates too and when I am notified by our instructors and coaches that any of our members (from our classes or online) have lost 4st or more it is my privilege and a real pleasure to write to them all personally to congratulate them.
  9. COMMITMENT – if you are going to succeed on your weight-loss campaign you need to be committed. Without commitment you will become disillusioned as you half-heartedly try to lose weight and become fitter. You will find all the excuses in the book as to why you are not losing weight but all you are doing is wasting valuable time. We only live once and when you lose weight and become fit you will ask yourself why you didn’t do it earlier.
  10. TAKE OWNERSHIP – For you to succeed on your slim-down plan you need to take ownership of your new lifestyle campaign. No-one can do this for you. We can help you, teach you, encourage you and motivate you, but the bottom line is you have to decide to do this for yourself. Except in some rare and severe medical conditions, being overweight is no-one else’s fault. I know that sounds harsh, but it’s true. So right here and now let’s make that decision to take ownership, make changes, get organised and make real progress. I promise you, you will be so glad you did.
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