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Essex slimmer scoops Semi-Finalist Slimmer of the Year 2013 Award after shedding over 6st with online club.

After being overweight for most of her life, 30-year old Sarah Pegnall from Romford, Essex, who used to weigh 16st 2lb and wear a dress size 24, has finally shed 6st 2lb to now weigh just 10st and wear a dress size 8/10.

Sarah has achieved her superb weight loss with the help of Rosemary Conley’s online slimming club, along with Rosemary’s DVDs and magazines, and she has now scooped a Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Magazine Semi Finalist Slimmer of the Year 2013 Award.

Sarah was recently presented with her Award by Rosemary Conley, CBE, at a ceremony held at Quorn House in Leicestershire. Altogether, 22 Semi-Finalist Slimmers of the Year 2013 have lost a combined weight of almost 160 stone.

Says Rosemary Conley: “I am delighted to present Sarah with a Semi-Finalist Slimmer of the Year 2013 Award. Sarah has achieved a superb weight loss and, as well as gaining a fantastic new figure, she has improved her health and fitness levels too. Well done Sarah!”

Mother-of-one Sarah used to suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and its associated symptoms such as depression and mood swings, and was struggling to get pregnant when she was told to lose 4 stone in order to receive fertility treatment. Turning to Rosemary Conley’s Gi Jeans Weight-Loss DVD to help her, as a low GI diet was recommended to be good for PCOS sufferers to follow, and, after shedding 2 stone, Sarah became pregnant naturally. “It was completely unexpected as I thought I would have to lose 4 stone and then get fertility treatment but I am sure it was down to the diet,” says Sarah.

After a difficult birth, Sarah became slightly housebound and began to take comfort in food. “I was eating because I was bored, lonely and tired! I’d eat a whole family-sized chocolate bar and a pint of cola or Dr Pepper, just to get me through the 4am feed,” adds Sarah.

When Sarah, who was by then a size 24, found she had nothing to wear and she was going to make herself a dress but the pattern only went up to a size 22, it kick-started her into doing something about the weight that had crept on since having her three-year old daughter.

Slim online with“I didn’t want to be the fat one in the family and as some members of my family were opting for bariatric surgery, which I couldn’t afford, I turned to Rosemary Conley once again and set out to lose weight with her DVDs and magazines,” says Sarah, who also joined Rosemary’s online club to help her. “It was the best decision I’ve made as I really needed that extra support,” adds Sarah, who reached her goal weight in June 2012.

Exercise is now key for Sarah and as well as walking to work three times a week, she also works out at home on her exercise bike, running machine and to Rosemary’s DVD at least three times a week and takes part in a Zumba class each week.

Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Clubs is the only national slimming organisation in the UK to offer exercise and dietary advice in the same class, which offers members excellent value for money: for one great-value price, they receive a diet and exercise class in one! In April 2013, the Clubs celebrate their 20th Anniversary.

The cost of joining is just £10 for a membership pack, which includes a copy of Rosemary Conley’s Fat Attack Booster (FAB) Diet, plus £5.95* for the weekly class fee.

*weekly class fees may vary

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