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This easy-to follow, step-by-step diet and fitness programme will enable you to lose your excess weight and inches fast but healthily. The diet is based on healthy low-fat, low-Gi foods and offers lots of variety, while the daily fitness challenge is designed to be quick to do yet extremely effective. To maximise your progress, the diet is divided into three phases.

For the first time in any of Rosemary’s diets, she has included “high protein” options, marked (P), for slimmers who prefer to avoid carbs. But of course there are still plenty of choices that include carbohydrates for those who relish a good plate of pasta or a rice dish or like to have roast potatoes with their Sunday dinner.

Stick to the diet and, together with the exercise and inspiration of the team and other members on the site, it will help you achieve your ultimate weight- and inch-loss goals.

Sample day of diet and fitness programme


1 yellow Portion Pot® (125ml) fresh orange juice, plus 1 slice wholegrain bread spread with 2 tsps marmalade, jam or honey (V)

Mid-morning Power Snack
2 dried apricots (V)

2 low-fat beef or pork sausages (max 5% fat) or 2 Quorn sausages, grilled, served with 1 yellow Portion Pot® (115g) baked beans, 1 small dry-fried egg, 1 small can tomatoes boiled well to reduce and unlimited grilled or boiled
mushrooms (V) (P)

Mid-afternoon Power Snack
1 kiwi fruit plus 5 seedless grapes (V)

Chinese chicken kebabs Serves 2

For serving:
1 blue Portion Pot® (55g uncooked weight) or 1 red Portion Pot® (144g cooked weight) basmati rice per person, boiled with a vegetable stock cube

Activity Challenge

  • Do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise (work out at a class, to an aerobics or Salsacise fitness DVD or on cardio equipment at the gym)

(V) = Vegetarian
(P) = Protein

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