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New for 2012 is Rosemary’s Fat Attack Booster Diet. It is a highly effective weight-loss plan that will help you to lose pounds faster than ever – safely and healthily.


The F.A.B Diet is divided into 4 separate stages to maximise your progress:

Part 1: Kick-Start Booster Diet WEEKS 1 & 2

You begin by following the quite strict, 1200-calorie Kick-Start Booster Diet, which will enable you to see significant weight loss early on.

Part 2: 1400 Fortnight WEEKS 3 & 4

This diet plan allows you an extra 200 calories a day. So, in addition to your three main meals and two power snacks, you can enjoy an alcoholic drink OR a high-fat treat such as chocolate or crisps (max 100 kcal), PLUS a low-fat dessert or any other low-fat food (max 100 kcal) each day.

Part 3: Your Personal F.A.B Plan WEEK 5 ONWARDS

This is based on your own personal calorie allowance based on your age, gender and current weight. As it’s important to maintain your weight-loss momentum, I have introduced a Fat Loss Booster Day each week from week 5. On one day a week, I ask you to consume only 1200 calories, as in the Kick-Start Booster Diet.

Part 4: The F.A.B maintenance plan

To help you stay at your goal weight long term.

The Fat Attack Booster eating plan is easy to follow and offers lots of variety. You can choose from low-fat, low-Gi carbohydrate-based meals, high-protein meals, meals that include a dessert and vegetarian options. Alternatively, you can try the Solo Slim® Diet.

A sample menu from the Fat Attack Booster Diet.

Click here to view a sample menu from the Fat Attack Booster Diet.

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