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Hello Amanda, Thank you for your informative e-mail I am enjoying the fact that I have someone to discuss healthy new lifestyle with and a service that I can contact whenever it fits in to my day.
many thanks, Jeanette.

Thank you Janice, it's nice to hear from you. Yes I have reached my target weight and beyond but I'm happy now at about 8 and a half stones. I think that's a better target weight and as I work from home and have only done a little of meals out and seeing friends I think my challenges are yet to come but I feel confident as I've spent most of my life being about the weight I am now and so am really pleased how I've managed my first real diet.

In addition to this, my husband has been on the diet with me and lost over three and a half stones, which he needed to and is now looking and feeling fabulous! We certainly look like a different couple which is helpful given our busy lives with three children and two dogs...

For us, the best thing has been the meals. We feel we've eaten really well and really enjoy a fresh tasty meal every day. We have an organic veggie box each week and have been through very many of the recipes online and in Rosemary's books. Our only downside has been the time and money for two new wardrobes!
Best wishes and Merry Christmas, Jayne

Thank you for this great information - already I know I have made the right choice in the online diet with Rosemary Colney - I used to attend other classes but just attending the meeting gave me no support so i`m so looking forward to keeping on the straight and narrow with all the guidance given. Many thanks again for the fact sheet
Kind Regards, Suzanne

Hello Janice, I'm fine thank you - yes I'm back on track and have rejoined for another year. Joining last year was the best thing I've done in years. I feel so much better and healthier but I do want to lose about another 20 lbs so have set myself some small targets between now and June when we go on holiday. I bought the Kardy o Fun DVD so I'm enjoying that and looking forward to walking a lot more when the weather improves - my husband can't believe how much better I get about these days!Many thanks for your support - it is an incredible way to lose weight and I can't speak highly enough about the whole thing.
Kind regards, Lynda

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