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Rosemary Conley has welcomed in 2014 with a bang, by unveiling an exciting new image and direction for the entire brand!

Lovely Liz loses almost fourteen-and-a-half stone to become Biggest Loser Slimmer of the Year 2013.

After shedding a jaw-dropping 14st 6lb – well over half her body weight - 26-year old Liz Knight from Lancaster, who at 25st 10lb was morbidly obese, has won the Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Magazine Biggest Loser Slimmer of the Year 2013 Award.

Liz, who now weighs a healthy 11st 4lb and has swapped her size 32/34 clothes for a slender size 14, is now featured in the February issue of Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness magazine, on sale now and on Rosemary’s free internet TV channel,

Liz is one of twelve Slimmers of the Year 2013 who have lost a staggering 102 stone between them and Liz received her award – along with £1,000 cash – from Rosemary Conley, CBE, at a glittering ceremony held at the London Marriott County Hall Hotel on Thursday 3rd January.

Before joining her local Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Club in Lancaster, Morecambe and Carnforth. Liz is the first to admit she was eating herself to death. “I was a walking time bomb and was super-morbidly obese but now I'm fighting fit,” says Liz, who had been overweight since she was a child. She was the eldest of eight children and always finished her siblings' leftovers, but never felt full. “I ate massive amounts and liked the volume of eating a lot, it was comforting,” adds Liz, who at the age of 17 was already a size 24. “I didn't care about myself at all and I was unable to stop eating.”

Rosemary Conley class finderLiz's start to the day would be a double sausage and egg McMuffin, followed by a McDonald's meal for lunch, tea at a friend's house, then home for tea cooked by her grandmother. In between, she snacked on cakes, biscuits, crisps, chocolates and cheese baguettes. And, when she started working shifts, especially nights, for the NHS Direct, it had a catastrophic effect on her already bad eating habits as it gave her the opportunity to snack even more on fattening food and high-sugar fizzy drinks.

Life for someone so overweight was hard: “I had no passion for life and just existed. Everything was hard: climbing stairs, getting the seat belt done up, even just standing was difficult as I would sway from one foot to the other the whole time because of the weight,” says Liz, who recognised the need to change her eating habits but felt powerless to change.

Liz had tried every diet going but they never worked for her long term and she even considered having a gastric band fitted but two weeks before going through with the operation she had second thoughts. At the same time a friend challenged Liz to lose 5st and said if she succeeded she would pay for her to go to her wedding in Ireland. It turned out to be the incentive Liz needed to deal with her weight and she joined the Rosemary Conley Club to help her. By upping her exercise and attending five classes a week, within a year Liz had shed a massive ten stone, even losing 13lb when the classes closed for Christmas. To celebrate, she even wore a dress for the first time to go to her friend's wedding. “I loved the feel good factor that regular exercise brings,” adds Liz.

When she gave up smoking in June 2011, Liz found her weight increased to 18st 3lb so she went back to the Rosemary Conley classes and this time succeeded in getting down to her current weight of 11st 4lb. “Going to class was vital for me. You get so much support and encouragement and my instructor, Mandi, really helped me to keep going, and was there for me,” adds Liz, who as well as studying for a BSc in Nutrition and Exercise Sciences, also works part time at NHS Direct and is now an Exercise to Music Instructor and runs classes for Mandi to help others to lose weight and improve their lives, too.

Now, instead of struggling to stand up, after losing such a staggering amount of weight, Liz has taken up running, competing in 10k runs and hopes to one day run a marathon. “I now live life to the full instead of just existing. I wanted to show people it can be done and you don't have to resort to surgery. And I wanted to make my gran proud too,” adds Liz.

For details of Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Clubs in North West Lancashire call Mandi Davidson on
01524 734729 or click here to visit Mandi’s website.

*weekly class fees may vary

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