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Maria Fox’s story

I lost 3st 13lb and love my new bikini body

When 41-year old Maria Fox discovered her weight had crept up to 14st 13lb, she started an exercise routine to help her lose weight. And thanks to her workouts and the support of our site, she has shed 3st 13lb to weigh a healthy 11st for her 5ft 9in frame.

Maria, a Chief Inspector in the West Midlands Police, managed to lose 1st 7lb before she joined rosemaryconleyonline after setting herself the goal of getting back to the weight she was in 1994. That was the year she joined the police force as a very fit, size 14, 23-year-old.

Maria has now surpassed that goal to reach a weight she has not been since she was 12 – an achievement she is understandably delighted with.

Work not workouts

Maria’s weight problems started when she moved police forces 10 years ago. The increased demands of the job, which had also become more sedentary, along with long commuting times, left her with little time to work out. And, in 2006 and 2010, Maria suffered two serious skiing accidents, which also had an adverse effect on her weight, as she was unable to exercise.

“Being overweight affects your self-image and your self-esteem and I used to feel that I had to hide my body away,” says Maria, whose inspiration was to look good in a bikini.

In June 2011, Maria turned to rosemaryconleyonline to help add to the weight loss she had achieved through exercising. She had heard Rosemary speak at her church and was inspired to try her weight-loss/healthy lifestyle plan. “It is so easy to do and I like it,” she says. The proof is in the (low-fat) pudding, as Maria succeeded in shedding a fantastic 13lb in the first month.

Pedal power

As well as starting to cycle to work and back – a round trip of 50 miles – once a week and cycling part of the journey on other days, Maria also did spin classes and gym workouts.

“I had no excuse not to exercise,” says Maria, from Burton-on-Trent in Staffordshire.

She also made dramatic changes to her diet. “In a typical day before I would always eat some chocolate, crisps, high-fat processed foods and I would pay little account to nutritional values in food,” says Maria. “Now I read every label before buying something that is not fresh meat, fruit or vegetables and eat very limited processed/prepared foods.”

Maria found the help of our site invaluable. She liked the “encouragement and accountability without the need to go to class”.

“It gave me ideas for recipes and also nutritional advice together with the ability to consult the coaches for support.

“It is well signposted and has good information about BMI (Body Mass Index) and fat percentages.

“Plus, seeing other members’ stories spurs you on,” says Maria, who reached her goal weight in January 2012 and has maintained it ever since. And because she has found this relatively easy – by regulating her food input with her exercise output using her My Fitness Pal iPhone app and the Rosemary Conley App – she now plans to lose a further 7lb to 10lb.

Bikini body

Maria now has a holiday to Majorca to look forward to, where she is planning to wear and feel comfortable in the bikini that inspired her to lose weight.

And looking good is not the only benefit of losing weight. Maria says: “I have never been as healthy. I don’t seem to get half as many colds or viruses.”

She has also proved an inspiration to others. Maria says: “My weight loss has encouraged colleagues and others who need to lose weight and some have joined the site.”

And, with training for a 120-mile sponsored cycle ride from Wolverhampton to Aberdovey to train for, Maria shows no sign of cutting down on the cycling that has helped her achieve her fabulous figure. Maria has cycled between 2,000 and 3,000 miles in the past year – and 350 of those miles were in the last month alone!

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