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Patricia Harvey lost 6st 6lb with rosemaryconleyonline

Patricia Harvey woke up on her 40th birthday one January morning with a sense of impending doom. It was official – she was fat and 40 and, emotionally and financially, she felt her life was one big mess.

Working ever-changing shifts, eating at all hours and not being able to exercise because of a foot problem had all made Patricia’s weight rocket. She was only 5ft 2in, but approaching 16st.


Patricia’s weight had crept up to 15st 10½lb and she wore a dress size 22. Patricia is just 5’ 2” and says: “I was 5’ 2” squared! My reflection looked like something from the hall of mirrors at the fair – the one that makes you look like a huge invisible weight is on top of you, squashing you downwards and out at the sides.”

Patricia was worried about her health as her father had died from a heart attack at the 59; plus she was so unfit. Unable to join a Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Club despite a class being held at the end of her street, due to working irregular shifts in her role as a NHS 24 call handler, Patricia, whose nickname used to be ‘Fat Pat’, joined rosemaryconleyonline and was delighted to lose 9lb in the first two weeks.

“Online gave me everything I needed. Meal plans, recipes, even shopping lists. I could type in everything I ate and it calculated the fat and calorie content! Qualified weight-loss coaches were there every step of the way with diet and exercise advice,” adds Patricia, who reached her goal weight in August 2010.

Patricia had spent a lifetime of avoiding walking as she had a clawed feet condition which meant having to walk awkwardly on her tiptoes but, after transforming herself from an unhappy 40-year old couch potato, who ate ice cream for breakfast, to a slim and trim 41-year old, Patricia has embraced exercise and even completed the 26-mile Edinburgh Moonwalk for charity in June 2010 and is planning to do it again this year.

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