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Kent slimmer sheds two-and-a-half stone with a click of a button

By logging on to 38-year old Rachel Penfold from East Peckham in Kent, has succeeded in shedding 2st 7lb in just six months.

Through a combination of low-fat eating and exercise, Rachel has dropped her weight from 12st 2lb to 9st 9lb. Her dress size, too, has been reduced from size 16-18 to size 10-12.

Rachel began to put on weight after having her two children but it took a couple of things to happen for Rachel to do something about her escalating weight.

The first was when someone she knew asked “When is the third one due?”, even though she wasn’t pregnant. The second occasion was when she saw herself in a holiday photograph and an accompanying video. Says Rachel: “I looked enormous and so unhealthy. I was bigger than my husband and you could see horrible rolls of fat spilling over my waistband.”

Rachel joined rosemaryconleyonline and found it was perfect for her as she could take part as and when she wanted. “I can go on to the site after the children are in bed, and whenever I like,” adds Rachel.

For Rachel, one of the best things about losing weight is the clothes she can now wear. “I can try on anything and know it will fit and I can buy things that actually suit me as opposed to merely fit me”

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