Slimming classes in Aylesbury.

Joanna Beardsmore-Dilks with RosemaryMy name is Joanna Beardsmore-Dilks, and I run the Rosemary Conley Food & Fitness Classes in the Aylesbury area. I would like to help you become slimmer, trimmer, fitter and healthier.

I can really help you to shed your unwanted weight, whether you have a few pounds to lose or much, much more.

Each week I run classes in the Aylesbury District. My members are losing lots of weight and are getting fitter each week. Why not come along and join them to see what I can do for you?


Many of my members say how life changing joining our classes has been; not only for their weight losses and rediscovering a healthy lifestyle but also for friendships formed and the fun they have when they come to class.  Many have successfully reached their goal weight and continue coming to class to maintain their healthy new lifestyle.

Michelle McBarnett AfterSuccesses:

There have been many fantastic weight losses in class and my members continue to amaze me each week with their dedication to losing weight.

Our Bedgrove member Michelle McBarnett was awarded National Super Fit Female Slimmer of the Year 2012, after losing over 8 stone and dramatically improving her health.

I too struggled with my weight, yo yo dieting for many years. Getting married gave me the incentive to discover the Rosemary Conley Food & Fitness plan. I loved the lifestyle so much that I became an instructor. Having lost over 4 stones, and for the first time in my life I have managed to keep them off. 

Part of sustaining a healthy active lifestyle is to change and vary the exercise that you do, and as such I offer lots of variety across my 10 classes. From Fitsteps®, Kardy-O-Fun Interval Training®, Kardy-O-Fun®, Old School Aerobics and Zumba. I qualified as a Zumba instructor in May 2011, so we now enjoy the worldwide grooves in class. I have also qualified as a Fitsteps® Instructor in June 2013. It's key to remember that all of my members are individuals and exercise at their own pace. I always offer 3 levels of workout so that you can pick what is right for you.  So you really will find a class that suits your needs. 
Fitsteps is a Ballroom and Latin based fitness class, that is strictly fun. Waltz, Jive, Cha Cha and Tango your way to fitness, classes started in September 2013. Come and Join the fun! 

I want to know more about Fitsteps, how will I know it's for me?

• It’s an easy to learn, fun to do, combination of the best known and most popular Latin and Ballroom dances
• It’s been designed by two of the best dancers and dance teachers in the UK, two people at the top of their game Ian Waite and Natalie Lowe
• The dances are spiced up with proven fitness techniques to make every class a real workout
• No partner required, no dance experience required, just enthusiasm and the want to have some fun!

Our Zumba classes consist of dance routines to fabulous fun music.  It's like a big party!  These classes are definitely worth trying.  Many members combine Fitsteps, Interval training or Zumba with their normal class and come along for extra exercise.  

Throughout the year we arrange a number of social and charity fund-raising events.

Last year we raised over £7000 for various local and national charities.  

One of the highlights of my year is leading the warm up for the Midnight Walk here in Aylesbury for our local Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity before joining my lovely ladies to complete the walk. This year I am also lucky enough to be dancing with one of my members in "Strictly Florence" and we are entering a large team to for the Superhero 5k in October.

A number of my members have been lucky enough to be invited to appear on Rosemary's internet TV channel where they interviewed Rosemary, asking questions that were both diet related and some that were more light-hearted.

Why not take a peek and be inspired to take that first step. 

Ruth Early asks Rosemary about Dancing on Ice

You can also find details of whats going on in our Aylesbury Rosemary Conley Food & Fitness classes by visiting our Facebook page where myself and a lot of our members interact and motivate one another.

2014 is a very exciting year as the company name & branding has changed, giving us a fresh & vibrant look! As a Rosemary Conley Food & Fitness instructor I know it is not just about weight loss and exercise, it is about you and how you feel. I am here to support you at your local class & in turn help you become slimmer, fitter, healthier & happier.

Each class consists of a weigh-in, a short motivational talk offering nutritional help & advice & a fun-filled 45 minute workout. It is your class and you can choose the combination that works for you, weigh in and work out, work out only or weigh in only.

The new members pack includes a copy of Rosemary Conley’s brand new for 2014 Fat Attack Booster (F.A.B) plan along with a set of Portion Pots®, a pedometer, a Rosemary Conley Magic Measure® & exclusive access to the brand new online Food & Fitness Diary. To find out about our latest offers either give me a call or email me.

If you do want to join in the exercise session please bring with you a bottle of water and wear loose, comfortable clothing and a pair of training shoes. Many members wear leggings and a T-shirt, but whatever you feel happy exercising in is fine with us.
My classes are fun, friendly and welcoming. No one is made to feel embarrassed and your weigh-in is very discreet, so, apart from myself and my staff no one else will know how much you weigh. If you’re thinking of joining on your own, as many of our members do, there’s no need to worry: you’re soon amongst friends at a Rosemary Conley class.

My classes cost just £6.50 and there’s a one-off membership fee of £10.00 when you join. If you are staying for the exercise session, the class lasts for 90 minutes.
Just imagine yourself slimmer, fitter and healthier, let us help you achieve your dream. You'll receive all the support and encouragement you'll need plus make some new friends too. Remember all members have the same goal - to lose weight and get fitter. Together we can do it.

Due to the popularity of classes it is advisable to check availability prior to your first session, so please call or send an email today, either by using the details below, or by completing the contact box at the bottom of the page. 

To view all the classes currently running, with their times and locations simply click on the 'show my classes' link at the top of the page. Please try to arrive early before the published start time of the class so that we are able to introduce ourselves, explain the plan and weigh you without being rushed.

Looking forward to seeing you there soon.

Joanna Beardsmore-Dilks
01296 485933
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