Classes in Begbroke, Chipping Norton, Kidlington  & Witney.

Sharon Canning with RosemaryHello and welcome to my home page.  I am Sharon Canning and I have been running Rosemary Conley Food & Fitness classes in North Oxfordshire since January 1999.  I love my classes and helping my members and I would like to help you become  fitter, healthier and happier.

Each week I run 10 classes throughout Begbroke, Chipping Norton,  Kidlngton and Witney where I help members become fitter and healthier by following Rosemary's Fat Attack Booster (F.A.B.) Diet.  Why not come along and see what I can do for you?

I have personally overcome a weight problem myself, so I know how it feels to be overweight. Shortly after I married my husband Anthony, in 1992, I fell ill with Ovarian Cancer and by the time I had left hospital my weight had plummeted to 7st 10lbs. A year later I had put on around 3 stone. My Mum and Mother-In-Law both attended a Rosemary Conley class in Summerton close so I decided to join them.

A few weeks later the instructor Alex, asked me if I would take some classes for her. Although at first I was a little apprehensive, I decided to put my new perspective on life into action and took on the challenge. I went on to do my RSA in exercise to music and later started my training with Rosemary Conley. Then in 1998 Alex decided to sell her franchise, after 20 years in the insurance business I was ready for a career change so I jumped at the opportunity to take on my own club.

In 2002 I won an award as a Finalist in the “Most Improved Franchisee” category for Rosemary Conley Food & Fitness Ltd. I was thrilled and extremely proud.

As for my weight, I am now down to 9st 12lbs and hope to reach my goal of 9st very soon. I know that it’s not easy to reach and to then maintain your ideal weight, but together we can do it.

This could be you with a little determination from you & a little encouragement from me! Together we can do it. 


2014 is a very exciting year as the company name & branding has changed, giving us a fresh & vibrant look! As a Rosemary Conley Food & Fitness instructor I know it is not just about weight loss and exercise, it is about you and how you feel. I am here to support you at your local class & in turn help you become slimmer, fitter, healthier & happier.

Each class consists of a weigh-in, a short motivational talk offering nutritional help & advice & a fun-filled 45 minute workout. It is your class and you can choose the combination that works for you, weigh in and work out, work out only or weigh in only.

The new members pack includes a copy of Rosemary Conley’s brand new for 2014 Fat Attack Booster (F.A.B) plan along with a set of Portion Pots®, a pedometer, a Rosemary Conley Magic Measure® & exclusive access to the brand new online Food & Fitness Diary. To find out about our latest offers either give me a call or email me.

If you do want to join in the exercise session please bring with you a bottle of water and wear loose, comfortable clothing and a pair of training shoes. Many members wear leggings and a T-shirt, but whatever you feel happy exercising in is fine with us.
Our classes are friendly and welcoming and there’s a great atmosphere in class. No one is made to feel embarrassed and your weigh-in is very discreet, apart from myself and my staff no one else will know how much you weigh. If you are thinking of joining on your own, as many of my members do, there's no need to worry: you're soon amongst friends at a Rosemary Conley class. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a little or a large amount of weight to lose. We can help you and we’re with you every step of the way.

My classes cost just £6.10 and there’s a one-off joining fee of £10.00 for your membership and diet pack. If you are staying for the exercise session, the class lasts for 90 minutes. Exercise only members are welcome to take part in the work out for only £5.00 per class.

The Kardy-o-Fun classes are great & do include a bit of audience participation! Our classes are simply the best way to lose weight. Easy to follow diet with a Diet Pack that gives you everthing you need to get going. The magazine is full of motivation, my members love the magazine for all the brilliant recipes & stories of successful slimmers.   

I have been running Kardy-o-Fun Intervals for a while now & they have gone down a storm! So we shall start agaiin from scratch week commencing 2nd September. We are going back to week 1 BUT new choreography & some new Intervals - a whole new challenge! I know my fitness levels have improved massively since I started these classes & I know lots of members have felt the benefit. Check the class schedule & see if one is close to you.

Kardy Intervals are @ the following classes.
  • @ Warriner School Bloxham on Mondays 6.30-8.00pm.
  • @ Edward Feild School Kidlington from 29th October  5.30-7.00pm 
  • @ Edward Feild School Kidlington Thursday 7.40-8.40pm ongoing class.  
It is likely that all the classes will finish slightly earlier as the Interval classes will be in the region of 35 minutes including the stretch at the end. 

I promise that we will always listen, never judge, never tell you off & provide you with ideas & support for a new & healthier lifestyle. Rome really wasn't built in a day & we are all different.

If you have been looking at the website  wondering if it will work for you why not just come along? You can email me directly from this page & I promise to get back to you. If you have any concerns - just ask we are here to help.

I have also just qualified as a "Fitsteps" Instructor. This is Fitness that's "Strictly Fun". I have been trialling these classes & they have proved very popular. From the 10th September the 7.00-8.30pm class @ Edward Feild School in Kidlington will be a "Fitsteps" class. 

So why not use the contact form at the bottom of this page, what have you got to lose?

Just imagine yourself slimmer, fitter and healthier, let us help you achieve your dream. You'll receive all the support and encouragement you'll need plus make some new friends too. Remember all members have the same goal - to lose weight and get fitter. Together we can do it.

Due to the popularity of classes it is advisable to check availability prior to your first session, so please call or send an email today, either by using the details below, or by completing the contact box at the bottom of the page. 

To view all the classes currently running, with their times and locations simply click on the 'show my classes' link at the top of the page. Please try to arrive early before the published start time of the class so that we are able to introduce ourselves, explain the plan and weigh you without being rushed.

Looking forward to seeing you there soon.

Sharon Canning
01869 240959
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