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Your highway code to healthy eating

This must-have magazine includes the calorie content and fat of thousands of products. Take a look at our latest issue...

Issue 9

Kickstart your year the healthy way with this fabulous issue. With 1,000s of new products and an incredible slim-down plan, you can easily get your eating habits back on track

GET YOUR HEALTHY resolutions off to a great start with the Fat Attack Booster Plan. This easy-to-follow slim-down plan combines tasty low-fat meals with daily fitness challenges to get you in shape in super-quick time. Whether you love carbs or prefer to eat a high-protein diet, there is an option to suit everyone.

If your meals are stuck in a bit of a rut and you fancy trying a different cuisine, then take a look at our amazing Chinese recipes. From choi sum chow mein to chicken with cashews, you'll satisfy even the fussiest eaters!

If you're fed up of being overweight, but think you can't face the challenge of losing it, then follow our advice on how baby steps can make a big difference. Taking small steps to be more active and eat well will transform your life. Start living today!


Rosemary says: “This book will become your new best friend and provide the key to your healthy eating success. Refer to Rosemary Conley's A-Z of fat and calories to help you choose meals that fit within your recommended calorie count. If you want to lose weight fast I recommend that you stick to around 1,200 calories of low-fat food for the first two weeks, so go for foods under 5% fat per 100g. By simply combining a low-cal, low-fat eating plan with regular exercise you will soon look and feel fantastic.”

This is the number one fat and calorie guide!

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