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Inspirational slimmers

Be inspired by the stories of our super slimmers, who tell us how reaching their goal weight has changed their lives. Women and men of all shapes and sizes have slimmed down and this is your chance to read their amazing stories.

There’s nothing more inspiring than reading how a real person, just like you, has slimmed down, shaped up and transformed their life. By making healthy lifestyle changes, they’ve managed to shed their excess pounds and made our healthy food plans and exercises work for them. Whether they’ve lost 2st or 10st, they’ve improved their lives so much!

Read the facinating stories of our amazing slimmers from our latest magazine...

Katy Shakespeare

“Exercise! It makes a huge difference and no one cares what you look like”

Katy Shakespeare grew up in a fitness-loving family, but finding love meant exercise took a back seat to cosy takeaway nights. With her dad's 60th adventure weekend looming, she joined Rosemary Conley and lost 7st in 8 months for his big day

Katy was born into a family who were always on the move and long afternoon bikerides and adventure holidays were the norm when growing up. Seeing exercise as fun rather than something to be feared allowed Katy, now 30, to maintain an enviable size 10/12 figure well into her twenties.

When she met her boyfriend Ally, romance took precedence over going for a run and her clothes began to feel tighter, especially when they moved in together a few years later.

As the pounds trickled on, Katy ignored her expanding waistline until she found herself pushing 16st and buying size 20 clothes. She lost her confidence to exercise and when her dad announced he wanted the family to go on an action-packed weekend for his 60th, she felt helpless.

Name Katy Shakespeare
Age 30
Height 5’ 5”
Was 15st 12lb
Now 8st 12lb
Lost 8st
Dress size was 20 now 8/10

Photographs Ian Hooton

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