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Naomi’s blog article 1

After giving up work to start a family, Naomi Baker, 39, gained over 3st. She didn’t want to be fat at 40 so she joined
Each issue Naomi shares how she’s getting on juggling family life with losing weight...

My weight-loss journey: how it all started

I’ve been on some diet or other since my teenage years - although looking back at photos, half the time I didn’t really need to lose weight.

From around the age of 22 until my early 30s, I worked hard - and partied harder! As an area supervisor responsible for 10 hair and beauty salons in the south of England, I spent many hours a week in my car and living in hotels. My nights were spent socialising and trying to fill the void of not being at home, and this is when I began to put on weight.

In 2005 I went to work for a luxury cruise line, travelled the world and scored myself a wonderful husband. We had our first son in 2008. During my pregnancy I gained 40lb and struggled to lose it afterwards. We were living in Cyprus at the time and I bought a copy of Rosemary Conley’s Gi Hip and Thigh Diet book online.

I followed it as well as I could, but couldn’t always get hold of the ingredients needed. I also walked up and down the seafront every day. I lost around 17lb and felt much better. I was still overweight though, with a BMI of 32. Shortly after this I suffered two miscarriages and comfort ate to drown my sorrows.

In November 2010, I discovered I was pregnant again, with my now youngest son. Everything went really well and he was born in August 2011.

When I’m pregnant, I become ‘Britain’s Best Baker’. I give most cakes to friends but have been known to eat a few myself - for quality control, of course! During my second pregnancy I gained around 50lb, which was the heaviest I’d ever been.

At the end of January 2012 when my youngest son was six months old, I decided to tackle my weight problem. This time I felt I needed the support and encouragement of a class - and I only wanted to do Rosemary Conley. It’s the only plan I know that offers exercise as well as a weigh-in. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to a class as I don’t have a car and my husband’s shifts don’t allow me to plan things on a weekly basis.

My sister, Rachel Baker - who’s a RCD&F franchisee in Devon - suggested I try and put me in touch with another franchisee, Lindsey Peters, in Hertfordshire. Lindsey was really helpful and agreed to give me support each week, alongside my sister.

I had a two-week free online trial and absolutely loved it. It felt so good to be back in control of my life when everything else around me was chaos!

I helped my sister set up her franchise Facebook page when she started her classes and offered to do a weekly blog so I would be accountable to her members and it would keep me on track. It was a huge success. I’ve received many comments and support from her members. I’m very honest about how my week has gone and the readers seem to like it so here it is... I hope you enjoy it too...

Blog 1
“The one thing I've noticed already from looking at my new food diary is I don't drink ENOUGH WATER”

This is my first blog entry on the Rosemary Conley path to weight loss.

In my 20s, I used to sit nicely around 9½ to 10½st.

In my 30s, that crept up to 11st, then 12st.

Now at age 38 and 11 months, and two children later, I weigh 13st 4lb. Not bad for all of 5ft 4in. During my last pregnancy I went up to 15st 11lb and looked like a Weeble! In the last six months I’ve lost some weight on my own but have come to a standstill.

Something has to change and soon. I am fast approaching my ‘naughty forties’ and do not want to be the weight I am now! I am only on Day 3 so far and feel so much better and in CONTROL.

After clearing my cupboards of foods I knew were not going to be helpful, I made a shopping list and filled the cupboards with yummy foods for all the family. The one thing I’ve noticed already from looking at my new food diary is I don’t drink ENOUGH WATER.

So this is it, no looking back or making excuses, I want to find the real me and not be tired any more or out of energy. My boys need a mummy who can run about with them. Watch this space...

Blog 2
“I got some of those Pink ‘n’ Whites wafers. Over the day, I ate all six (whoops!)”

So Week 1 is in the bag. I couldn’t sleep all night on Tuesday as I was thinking about my weigh-in (and partly because baby Leo cried for two hours). I was excited but nervous. I knew what I had eaten all week and felt sure I’d done a great job compared to previous weeks and months.

On Sunday I was faced with a very posh meal out and chose salmon and spinach from the menu, drank water but had NO DESSERT. Usually, I check out the dessert first so I can plan my main course around it. I was so proud of myself.

I hope I can keep making great choices, but if I do slip up, I’ll try not to beat myself up and get back on track.

It felt great to be in control of what was going into my body and I found that writing down every food item and drink showed me where I was flaking during the day and craving sugar fixes. I did crumble a little on one day - after a stressful day with the boys and little sleep, I wanted CHOCOLATE. I remembered reading about those Pink ‘n’ Whites wafers in the Rosemary Conley magazine, so I got some of those. Over the day, I ate all six (whoops!) but it could have been a lot worse - like a whole pack of digestive chocolate biscuits.

I also took my measurements and saw for myself where the inches had to go:

Boobs: 43in
Waist: 35in
Hips: 42in
Widest part: 44.5in

I am an hourglass with a few too many curves. The anticipation rose on weigh-in day and I would have jumped out of bed, if I could but my back gave up on me during the week (another good reason to lose those unwanted lbs).

Today the scales said 12st 13lb. A whole 5lb off. Yippee! My hubby, who is ‘technically’ not on the plan, has lost a whopping 7lb.

We each are aiming to lose about 40lb, so we are well on our way and I’m sure our bed is going to be so grateful to have less weight on it.

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