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Naomi’s blog article 2

After giving up work to start a family, Naomi Baker, 39, gained over 3st. She didn’t want to be fat at 40 so she joined
Each issue Naomi shares how she’s getting on juggling family life with losing weight...

Blog 3
“To my surprise, I burn nearly 700 calories doing my housekeeping bits every day”

Can ’t believe two weeks have passed already and I still love every moment. I’ve been in various situations with friends and groups where biscuits and such like are free-flowing and I have not faltered! That does not mean I haven’t eaten sweet things, I’ve been trying hard to make good choices.

Wednesday for me is weigh-in day and, just like last week, I was excited!

The scales said 12st 10lb 8oz! That is another 2lb 12oz gone and I got my first certificate online. Whoop whoop, over 7lb gone! Goodbye, not going to miss you! My body fat percentage also dropped by 1% and my BMI has gone from 32 to 31.

My boobs have lost 1in so far, waist 1in and another 4in from various other bits! Not bad for 16 days of enjoyment. Next was hubby Alex’s turn. He too dropped another 2.7lb (total 9.7lb). He’d got all despondent, thinking he had gained weight. MEN! He too, has lost a few inches.

One thing that’s really helping me is doing my shopping online. As we don’t have a car, it’s the only way I can keep my sanity! I prepare all my meals using the FAB weekly menu. The thing I love about the diet is you can swap one meal for another if there’s something you don’t like. I find this helps me stick to my shopping list because I don’t buy things I don’t need. Plus, there are no chocolate impulse buys at the till!

My other discovery of the week - HOUSEWORK! I’ve not been able to exercise how I’d like to because of some back issues. I found a section on rosemaryconleyonline where I could enter everything I do on a daily basis - washing up, putting away dishes, making beds, cooking dinner... you get the picture. To my surprise, I burn nearly 700 calories doing my housekeeping bits every day. I’ve always loved cleaning (freak, I know) but now I REALL Y love it. I’m also going up and down the stairs as much as possible!

Blog 4
“My name is Naomi and I am an emotional eater”

I eat when I’’m happy, I eat when I’m sad, I eat when I’m anxious, I eat when I’m tired, you name it, I eat it.

This past week, I’ve been bombarded with all kinds of emotions from sleep deprivation from my early rising toddler and my teething, constipated baby to pure grief and disbelief at a friend’s tragic news. All of these events would normally throw me into a spiral of comfort eating and feeling like a failure, but the only difference this week is that I felt a little more in control of my actions.

As I’d lost some weight already I had my ‘good head’ and was battling the ‘devil’s head’ constantly. Good overcame bad most of the time.

It wasn’t easy, though. But all of these events did do one thing for me, which was to question why exactly did I want to be following the Rosemary Conley programme? I’ve messed about with so many diets before and, looking back over photos, I realise that most of those times I didn’t need to be on a diet. Low self-esteem drove me there.

Of all my previous dieting attempts I did really well for the first four to five weeks and then I lost faith or got bored and started making excuses about why I suddenly started chomping my way through the bakery shelf in the supermarket again. I was cheating myself. I really do need to lose weight now, though. I have a family I want to be around for so I can set an example to my boys and give them the skills they need to make healthy choices. Hopefully, they will be able to cook an amazing meal for their partners in the future (and do the washing-up after). So, how did hubby and I do this week?

I am totally astonished as I have lost another 3lb 4oz and hubby almost 3lb. I’ve shed 11lb in total now and Alex 12lb. We are really beginning to feel the difference and are very excited about things to come.

Blog 5

In my quest to find more ways to burn calories, other than the obvious blood, sweat and tears methods, I came across a subcategory in the exercise listings on Rosemary Conley online.

I wasn’t sure I had read it right at first, but there it was in black and white... SEXUAL ACTIVITY! I almost choked on my decaf Earl Grey.

Under further investigation, I discovered there were three ratings of sexual activity:

1) Active, vigorous effort.
2) General, moderate effort
3) Passive, light effort, kissing, hugging.

Now, I am sure some of you can relate to this. When Alex and I were in the process of baby making, I could say we easily fitted in to Category 1, like hurricane season, fast and furious. But that was more than 17 months ago.

Another baby later, and with Alex working 12 to 13-hour shifts as a chef and me as chief honcho in the house, cleaning clothes, dishes, noses, nappies, cooking, shopping blah blah blah... we might pass for Category 3! There’s also the privacy issue now - with a toddler in the house, there’s no time for ‘love’ apart from the middle of the night and that time is now for precious sleep, always conscious that Baby No. 2 might wake at any moment!

So, out of interest I put in 10 minutes of Category 3, just to see how it might affect my efforts for weight loss - and it burnt all of 10 calories! I was shocked to see that 10 minutes of Category 1 burnt only 16 calories, so why should I bother to make that extra effort?

So the results for this week are (drum roll!)... I lost ANOTHER 3lb! Hubby lost 2lb, making a total of 14lb each in four weeks.

I am an hourglass with a few too many curves. The anticipation rose on weigh-in day and I would have jumped out of bed, if I could but my back gave up on me during the week (another good reason to lose those unwanted lbs).

Today the scales said 12st 13lb. A whole 5lb off. Yippee! My hubby, who is ‘technically’ not on the plan, has lost a whopping 7lb.

We each are aiming to lose about 40lb, so we are well on our way and I’m sure our bed is going to be so grateful to have less weight on it.

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